If Jinfeng is sorta like the adopted kid to Ariana’s mom’s band member’s girlfriend does that make them almost stepsisters

…That’s not the right word at all, but it’s close enough Ariana might think it was with her whole words thing :p

Makes me think that maybe Ariana might discover or invent (probably like with the story of T.S. Bern, misremember and embellish) a story about the “Flaming Stepsister” that is supposed to vaguely hint at Jinfeng. That sounds kinda like a very weird corruption of Cinderella

Recently I decided that Sleipnir and Hughes would probably be demoted from main characters to Antecedents, so instead of them being their own story in RFS there would be exactly one main character story for each of the eight attributes, plus Era’s. So with that, I started thinking about Sleip & Hughes as “relevant plot characters” in a couple of stories, and/or giving Hughes more importance. Ariana’s story had kind of always seemed like Hughes should maybe have some relevance in it because they’re both so Fantasy-aligned and they both have so much to do with stories.

It’d interfere with Ariana’s main Fantasy storyline where she goes and gets into all sorts of Plot Shit with her characters but it would definitely be cool and interesting for like, her Synthesis storyline maybe, for her to discover these strange tales written by “Sibh Kraeh & Muirr” [like “mother goose and grimm” but it’s ‘moire’ like grimoire] and sorta be tracing where the hell they came from and who Hughes/Sibh Kraeh was

Hughes in his new concept probably is this figure who has travelled all around with different companions—at one time it was Muirr, later on it’s Sleipnir, in between there may have been a couple others.

“She had a flaming stepsister who lived in the fireplace. The flaming stepsister gave motivation to everyone with bad sisters”