I’ve been working on Asekai sprites some more, and feel like this is a good time to post them, so here they are.


Yard Bird is an “alternate” evolution for Feuvog, a phoenix-like creature connected to seasons, ambience, and life. (“Alternate” is a nice way of putting it… these “alternate” evolution routes actually happen when you do a bunch of stuff wrong.)

Why “Yard Bird”? All of Feuvog’s “standard” stages are named “(something)vog”, so I wanted its alternate ones to be all named “(Something) Bird”. The first thing I thought of was “Yard Bird”, like the famous alto player, and I was like, yeah, that works. It’d be appropriately disconcerting to expect you’re going to get a cool mythical bird and then the thing literally turns into a random ordinary chicken.

Yard Bird evolves first into Secretary Bird (which has a shady cloak) and then into Rifle Bird (which has a rifle but prefers to just make machine gun noises to psyche you out). And after that… well, that’s a teeny bit of a secret. ;)


Hokado! You probably already recognise the front image from a little while ago, but now that’s slightly cleaned up and it also has a side sprite.

The things on the left of all these are process screenshots. Hokado’s sprite was the first one I did, so I started by referencing a digimon sprite (the inspiration for these) and using standard square pixels, and then fixed it up into the triangle pixels I was intending to use from the beginning. For subsequent sprites, I just started using triangles in the first place.


Nightwalker. Back before I started thinking about Asekai’s world at all, one of the few things I knew was this was going to be one of the four main characters for “Kai: A Visual Novel” (KVN), along with Hokado and two others called Focus and Tripod.

Before, I never really had a visual design for Nightwalker other than the description “it floats inverted in a knot with its tail in the air and one foot sticking out toward the ground”. I knew it was kind of weasel-like and dark-coloured but I didn’t really have a picture in my mind.

Then when I actually got to sketching it I suddenly noticed it looked a lot like a Chinese dragon. At first I wanted to fight that because it was supposed to be a cool weaselthing that just happened to have a long body, but then I realised that honestly, Nightwalker is a lot like this oh-so-edgy ~30 year old smoker who has a tacky car and a huge dragon tattoo, who doesn’t know anything about China or Japan but does know they made a lot of great decorations to show how tough you are. I had a really good laugh at that because that made it the perfect contrast to Hokado—Hokado is this standard but very pure anime paladin dragon associated with sunrise that is clearly The Hero; Nightwalker is the shitty not-really-a-Chinese-dragon associated with midnight that’s the gratuitously edgy antihero.

Note: 'Tongue emits fire through hole like an edgy cigarette'
This speaks for itself.

I don’t know what Nightwalker’s evolutions will be yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep a theme of them all ending in “-walker”. Also, it has a gag evolution where when it ‘dies’ in an accident due to its risk-taking tendencies (note: like Digimon, all Kai are immediately reborn as babies when they die) you can shove its ‘soul’ in an object to create an inanimate object mon called GearWalker.


Entity! This is the second “unofficial” mascot for Asekai after Hokado. In-universe, it’s canonically the first mon ever made, the prototype to all other kai. It has no evolutions and next to no special abilities, but is certainly adorable.

Concept page for Entity.

Both in Asekai and KVN, there’s just one Entity (although there’s literally no reason another couldn’t be created). They live at the “Central Confluence”— the centre of Asekai’s world—acting as a sort of small, quiet confused “janitor”. They guard the debug menu left by the creators of the artificial world, and act as an interpreter to translate the thoughts and emotions of the world’s large, living spherical core for anyone there.

Basically, Entity is a small nervous fluffball that’s sort of the worst mon in the game but very hard not to like anyway.