Subzero archetype

I really thought about it today and finally decided that yes, there is an “evil” counterpart to the superpower archetype:

The “subzero” archetype.

A subzero is kind of the Stablehand counterpart to a supervillain, but in the Stablehand universe things are just divided differently, so it’s not quite the same.

A superpower and a subzero both—to put it in the most basic way—get their power from a strong belief in what they’re doing, so at heart they’re pretty similar. The main difference between them is that a superpower uses their powers to bring about Direction while a subzero uses their power to bring about Indirection.

A superpower can totally and easily be evil, and that doesn’t make them a subzero. As long as a superpower is bringing about Direction—that is, they’ve got some Directed attribute behind them such as Will or Faith—they’re a superpower. (Evil superpowers are usually just called “rogue superpowers”.)

In the same way, a subzero can sometimes be good. As long as they operate through an Undirected attribute such as Eternity or Clarity and spread that attribute (perhaps in a Diverged attitude), they’re still a subzero. This sounds pretty confusing and hard to conceptualise, so I’ll give an example: Portent Rider, if he was considered a “super”, might fit under “subzero” rather than “superpower”. His thing is that he tends to spread Portent, putting people on edge, but this prepares them for the worst so it’s a good thing.

Subzeroes and superpowers do not necessarily come into contact with each other because they aren’t really natural opposites. I mean, obviously, if a subzero is causing trouble and there’s a superpower there the superpower will go investigate, but since this is the Stablehand universe and almost everyone has cirque you don’t necessarily need a superpower to deal with a problem subzero, some freighter or Hexestrian or somebody might be able to do it.

So yeah. A real example of how good vs. evil is not one of the major divisions in the Stablehand universe and what kind of things replace it.