Howdy, I’m Stewey. Stewey the stewer

So, last night I had a dream where I for some reason made up two very strange but pretty amazing things about Stewey from Family Guy

First, I woke up, either in the dream or actually (I think it was in the dream though) and
when my eyes were closed I was greeted with this perfectly Undertale-styled monochrome sprite of Stewey as an “Amalgamate”. (It looked a little more like somebody tried to kill Stewey the Undying with ambiguous success, but I think he was supposed to be an Amalgamate.)

I really hope that a week from now somebody will find this on Google images and go “what the actual fuck?”

Second, something—I think it was that—made me “remember” a bit of canon that I’d never been able to come to terms with.

Man, I’ve never been able to accept that Family Guy and [some space opera cartoon that had a really heavy Star Trek feel but apparently was not Star Trek] take place in the same universe

I thought.

And then I pulled up a wikia page somewhere explaining that Stewey was actually an alien from some remote galaxy that had just never gone through puberty and become its adult form because the Griffins had cluelessly adopted it and assumed it only had the needs of a human child

According to a nice screenshot on the wiki (which by the way was actually slickly stylised in a somewhat standard but pretty nice cel-shaded cartoon style that of course looked nothing like Family Guy) he was supposed to look something like this.


I really wish that cartoon actually existed now because even though I’m pretty sure it would be almost exactly like watching animated Star Trek in Ben 10 style (? that’s not quite right but the closest I can think of) it would be so much better than Family Guy