Hokado "mosaic"


Hokado concept sketch
Hokado lcd

Hokado mosaic

Yesterday as my drive was re-igniting but I was rather dissociated (so working on more “anthropomorphic” stories like 7h wasn’t an option), I started thinking about “kai” again.

I kind of thought about that idea I’d posted the other day with a semi-Undertale-esque story, then about the somewhat minimal graphics/interface I imagined programming that with, and how I’d always imagined my Ideal Takumi Monstergame as being something much more polished than that. As cool as the concept was, it’d be a bit of a waste because I’d just be dissatisfied and wonder what I just farted out when I knew what I had in mind for the long run was several times more awesome.

But then I was like… fuck that shit. It’s gonna take me like, seven years to decide what I really actually want to make, plan it all out, find a libre 3d game toolkit, and actually make The Ideal Takumi Monstergame I Always Wanted To Make. That doesn’t mean I can’t make it eventually, when I’m done or done-ish with RFS, but that’s going to be a really long time in the future, and the time I have to work with now is now. There’s no reason apart from there being cooler projects to devote my time to that I can’t make a “prototype monstergame” which establishes some of the elements I would want in the Real Takumi Monstergame I Always Wanted To Make, but which is made with simpler tools. Real Legitimate Video Game Companies make a primitive version and then make a better one all the time, so there’s all the excuse in the world for me to do that too.

With that said…

I thought about how “Kai” its current form was kind of a vague Digimon rehash but with MF/Stablehand-inspired elements, and how Digimon started with a bunch of minimalistically beautiful (in my opinion) ~16×16 LCD sprites.

digital monster
Apparently it’s hard as hell to find a good sprite sheet of classic Digimon all in one place, so I fixed that by taking a few minutes to go to this page, screenshot the table and run Levels on it. Feel free to use it if you ever have a sudden need to show people Digimon sprites.

Hey, I thought. What if I made “Digimon” sprites for my kai, but instead of making them plain old square sprites, I made them with triangle pixels?

Hokado mosaic

And so, this happened. I actually really like it; the effect is a lot like a mosaic, or a quilt. I could imagine a quilt made of about sixteen or twenty-five of these monster sprites, and I’d probably hang it on my wall if I was the kind of person who made or commissioned quilts.

What this sprite is is Hokado, a “paladin dragon” that’s sort of a mascot creature. I originally created it back in 2011 for my Tyrian project, for a parody of monstergames; in that, it was basically a parody of Pikachu, i.e. the cute, charismatic companion set up for everyone to like (note the intentionally-similar name). Years of Tyrian not going anywhere later, I thought, y’know, Hokado could be a good candidate to recycle for my ongoing “Kai” plans. So, Hokado went from a facetious to a much more sincere thing, becoming an actual likeable mascot character more akin to Agumon or Guilmon. Currently, it’s characterised as basically a Lawful Good hero, with vibes of “Esteem” and grace mixed with remarkable tenacity. It could be considered boring (if you’re tired of that kind of thing), or charming and dependable.

Another note: I’ve finally sorted out that, assuming both get made which is a big assumption :p, “Asekai” will be one thing and “Kai: A Visual Novel” will be another. “Asekai”, the prototype monstergame, will be more serious and sincere, although there’s a possibility it could have the unlabelled “genocide route” I mentioned, and “KVN” will be more of a parody/satire of monstergames. If the “genocide route” thing happens, “Asekai” will be kind of a prequel to KVN, with the two sharing basically the same worldbuilding.

The name “Asekai” (tentative) comes from “aesthetic + kai” (“aesthetic monsters”) and “A sekai” (“a world”).