I never really sat down and thought about it but like

The concept for Tiess Bernh is not just that he’s “a little like Gandhi but cooler” as was my working explanation for the longest time. It’s more like he’s explicitly an “anti-Gandhi”.

I could totally imagine this scenario where before he became head of the Dreamers, like, there was this event where people were leading this pacifist protest march trying to get harmed to make a point, but then Bernh showed up and was like “fuck this shit, I’ll show you how it’s really done” and dragged them all off to an improvised headquarters to teach them a better way.

It like, really makes the Faithful versus the Dreamers make sense on a larger scale, the Faithful tend to consider being prepared to die and sacrifice yourself a huge virtue whereas the Dreamers are very specifically a faction that thinks nobody should ever have to die to prove a point and encourage everyone to think of the grandest outcomes with the fewest tradeoffs