I’m liking the idea that Baihu, just as in DCS, has kind of this vague cowboy theme, but also as in DCS he never rode a horse and instead it was some kind of archosaur like a bird or a basal dragon (in DCS I was gonna have him and others riding ostriches as a reference to chocobos and Joust, where Baihu says something like ‘every self-respecting video game hero has to know how to ride an ostrich’. I’m paraphrasing that cause I don’t remember, it was probably worded better than that. :p)

Anyway like, Jinfeng’s grandpa was a legit Antecedent with some riding skills, who knows what his story was but he’s somebody cool. And Jinfeng kinda takes it for granted, although they live on a small farm and it’s possible they have things to herd. Jinfeng and her cat do a number of the smaller tasks though, the cat might actually do the herding as it’s a domestic “pard” and it’s basically dog sized. Can regular cats herd things? I’ve never heard of that.