7h mechanics draft_censored

Attribute and attitude drafts for Seven Heirs, a short gamebook thingy I’m making to force me to get off my butt and make the Stablehand engine, and as a tribute to Undertale.

The first thing I realised when examining the idea and thinking about how I’d apply attributes to the characters was… wait, Undertale already has those! And almost eight of them! Might as well use those instead.

Instead of Agency/Environment/Chroma, 7h uses a slightly different attunement scheme of Aid/Ideals/Activity, which are basically the same attunements but with different meanings. (I renamed the attitudes too.) I sorta tried to make all the names more simple and obvious so outsiders who might take a while to look at Stablehand if at all could have some idea what they meant.

Stablehand attuneAttune values7h attuneAttune values
EnvironmentEnvira/TechnicaAidfulness (or Aid)Aid/Harm
Attunements in Stablehand versus attunements in Seven Heirs.

One notable thing about attributes in RFS versus attributes in 7h is that SH attributes were designed to all be equally valid no matter how “Soul” or “Void” tilted, but I quickly realised that unlike Stablehand, Undertale is incredibly moralistic about choices and would never let you get away with choosing void over soul.

So, I had to make the attunements/attributes feel a little more hierarchical, like the “topmost” attribute was undeniably better than the “bottommost” attribute, although it turned out all the ones in the middle are still about equal.

AidfulnessIdealsActivityEquiv. attunesRFS attribute
7 heirs att
AidIdealActiveAEZTotality / Verity (ATZ)Determination
AidIdealPassiveTEZUnity (TEZ)Kindness
AidStyleActiveAEXSynthesis (TTX) / Esteem (AEX)Integrity
AidStylePassiveTEXFantasy? (TEX)Patience
WeaponIdealActiveATZFaith (AEZ)Bravery
WeaponIdealPassiveTTZMachination (TTZ)Perseverance
WeaponStyleActiveATXWill (ATX)Justice
7h attributes and what attunes they correspond to.

You’ll notice I’m being deliberately cryptic about the attribute at the bottom that I added to Undertale’s seven “attributes”. I can’t tell you what it is, because that would be a spoiler. ;)

Also, remember way back a long time ago when I said Stablehand was gonna have creatures in heraldic poses to represent attitudes? Yeah well that’s still a thing. For 7h I decided to make the creature in question the annoying dog. :p