Stories are such a major thing for me and I want/need to write more short stories

I think, because that’s the main thing I feel like writing about, I might just kinda start this small “anthology” where I write short stories about characters in the Stablehand universe

The idea being like, there’s no specific goal in it to write the stories about any specific characters or specific anything (or really any goals/quotas for it at all), but just to write whatever my random prompts bring to mind and get something written

Any of these could easily be declared noncanon by the time the gamebook gets somewhere significant but if they aren’t, I’ll have actually practised using the characters and established their personalities

(I’ve discovered that weirdly, I’m really really bad at figuring out who characters are before I write stories, but if I just sit down and write immediately and make up everything as I go along (I first noticed this with the character songs I wrote but it works for regular text stories too) I can actually do a pretty all right job of making up interesting details about characters along the way. What I make that way often isn’t totally coherent and needs to be re-evaluated and fixed, but scrapping and rewriting writing is literally the way you’re supposed to do it so that’s hardly a problem)

I’m probably going to, for the first time ever, make a single self-contained tumblr/inkstand for the project and stick to it. (though the posts might also go on my server or in a downloadable TW file for completeness/backup)

It’ll be called… hmm… it’s gotta be an SH acronym. :p


That’s my working title unless I think of a better one.