Retro style ideas for Stablehand

  • Some emulation of one of those FMV sequences where a person just stands there and talks and the person is so SERIOUS but it looks so fake and acted-out, like in this game (I don’t know where it’d be used, it wouldn’t be an intro?? I dunno, maybe like for dark teapot if you reach him, just have it be kinda like one of those old TV programs where everything is fancy and they’re trying to give you the vibe this “host” has invited you “into” the program). It wouldn’t be literally an old FMV intro in exactly the same style, just something that gave a weirdly really similar vibe and then you suddenly realise yes, it’s making fun of that oh my god.
  • Pre-rendered 3D backgrounds, or real libre-licenced photos with filters applied to make them look that way. But the character “sprites” are drawn in this weird fluid vector style that’s highly stylised at a distance and highly detailed up close
  • There is just a certain style of narration over a backdrop in a both sincere and slightly overdone way that they did in like the Animorphs program that is just SO its time it’s ridiculous
  • Character portraits for dialogue screens that are not pixellated but move the same way as in those games where the sprites are really detailed but also pixel and they kinda like turn their head one direction and then snap back