It just hit me that like, Lance is a (nominally) “dark edgy“ character who thinks about death a lot. …In a gamebook.

This didn’t have any explanation until now, it just was like, ‘his name is Lance Scharf, that sounds like the name of somebody who would be weirdly moody and obsessed with blood and guts‘

But the thing with early gamebooks was writers were lazy so instead of having interesting choices you would just either get the right choice or die all the time

I think it would be funny if

One of Lance’s “things” is that he writes these weird stories that seem normal-ish but just. The heroes just die at inopportune times, some these big dramatic tragedies but most of them are almost anticlimactic

And when people ask “what kind of stories are these“ he’s just like “the stories of people who made very bad decisions“