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I didn’t think this post was happening, haha, but then, very accidentally, it did.

Swap AU! Asriel lives.

I call this goatswap cause it started with me swapping Asriel and Toriel, before I generally turned it into a “serious underswap” trying to make everything make as much sense as possible.


On bullshit

Ok so

There’s a lot to be said for the realisation that fictional worlds are not a description, but an argument.

The real world is full of descriptions. Reviews of things, travelogues, reference books, bird guides, practical manuals, social media pages, dictionaries… the list could almost literally go on forever.

This is fairly obvious, right? It pretty well goes without saying that practically anything we write about our world is going to be a description. Of course it is. We have our world right in front of us,

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On the realisation of fictional characters

I think we don’t think enough about the fact that if we’re going to imagine how we would react to fictional characters in real life, “if they were real” is a very complicated phrase with a lot of different meanings, and every single one has different implications for our perceptions of and reactions to them.

You’ve never thought about that, have you?

How our expectations of reality inform what we wish were real? And how if we had what we wished for, we might be wishing for different things?

I was just thinking about this because if you know a certain game called Undertale that came out a couple months ago,

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I’d love to see an RPG-ish thing where as typical you go up to people and press a button to talk to them, but instead of just the NPCs filling in whatever they want to, the protagonist actually says something first but it’s the most fucking random and unexpected thing they could possibly say, and the NPC is just like ‘oh, yeah, I guess I’ve heard of mitral regurgitation, why?‘

We see that all the weird conversation topics NPCs talk about are really the protagonist’s idea because the protagonist is really quirky and weird, but this is never really formally acknowledged by anyone

I accidentally wrote “the righting process” instead of “the writing process” and now all I can imagine is these people who carry around showy calligraphy pens and whenever anyone is confused (which is invariably depicted as them literally being upside-down at some angle) the “Righter” scrawls a calligraphic script word across them related to their problems that expands and explodes in sparkles as they take hold of the person and throw them onto their feet

Can you imagine if in some anime or something where it was typical to befriend antagonists you defeat this antagonist decides yeah you’re pretty cool I’d love to join your team

But then the protagonist was like ‘yeah well I’m totally not recruiting you goodbye’

‘what, why’
‘because you were a dick and I had to fight you for 20 whole episodes and now I just really hate you I’m sorry’

Nobody expects the pacifist intermission

I broke. I gave in.

At least, for a brief while.

Because I’ve had to replay short stretches about five times already, I figure right now it’ll be pretty trivial to replay a little of the early stuff…
….to see what happens if you aren’t a heartless murderer.

How can I do this? Well I’m playing the game on WINE, so I backed up my entire WINE folder (WINE’s teeny virtual windows hard drive). That’s probably overkill (to use a phrase :p) but I’m fairly sure as far as leaving files untouched it’s totally guaranteed to be safe.

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On spoilers


I think I’ve had some of the best experiences with things when I thought everything was spoiled, and I keep getting signs that half of this is gonna be stuff I at least sorta expected

But then

This one thing happens that I was completely not expecting
and I’m totally blown away because that, that was not supposed to happen.

It’s kinda like programming.

You go along programming, and when you run the code for the first few times, you’re bound to find little unexpected bugs.

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Alphys vs. Neo Cortex

So now shortly after starting Undertale I had a dream about it
Or rather, just one specific character.

The dream had just kind of inserted Alphys into an amazingly halfassed “story” that—except for her to which this was apparently very real—felt in some ways way more like a stage act with props than a real thing that was supposed to be happening.

So anyway…

The “story” started when I came into the scene and saw this big yellow foam key (shaped like a real jagged door key except about 75 cm long) on the ground torn up into various pieces.

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I just figured out why Aluma has these impossible-sounding mythical creatures that in reality all happen to coalesce in the flaredrakeicorn and the kamaileopard

Eight different Antecedents each saw one of Arkturuse’s two Patron-Accessories and each one had a different impression of it. For instance Vistula the Dawn looked at Xera Flaredrakeicorn and saw them as a bright white griffin-like creature with a bluegreen shimmer, the “umao”, some Antecedent in Grævonia looked at them and went ‘oh it’s a bright kinda fiery thing this obviously must be the Phoenix’

With Zyra Kamaileopard there are these extinct creatures right and so the Antecedents look at it and they think they see the extinct creatures, kind of an amusing inversion of a cryptid story where people find the ‘bigfoot’ in something way more amazing that nobody realises exists because people were too busy talking about cryptids

That makes me think, it’s kinda possible other Aetherbosses’ Accessories had some role in Aluma too. I can’t immediately think of what Rosetta and Clearfill would be doing, but Dark Teapot is already known to have done stuff in Aluma under a male persona called Sigmund Wren. It’s possible The Air and Spiral may have followed him during that time.