goatswap illustration post

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  • Napstablook’s human form (Napstablook VE) looks the way it does because I was like, with that funky quaint battle music, Napstablook would totally look like a 30s swing orchestra conductor or something. So I loosely based their appearance on Duke Ellington. I would have tried a little harder to make them androgynous but I was too lazy (I couldn’t even stick to one set of proportions lol)
  • “Napstablook VE“ comes from the word eve because it was the only word related to darkness I could think of that’d work for that. (I always interpreted “EX” as being from sex/sexy so :p)
  • Napstablook having Black features actually has literally nothing to do with the darkness association. Just to clear that up.
  • Basic Napstabot is supposed to be a midi synthesiser. Their arms are not to operate the controls (cause I’d figure a ghostbot could easily adjust all its controls from inside), but just for usual arm things. Their screen can also show a bunch of midi status information instead of a face.
  • Frisk is supposed to ask Napstablook questions for “Inspector” Undyne, who is trailing the mysterious and elusive Alphys (more info in the post).


  • Gaster has a weird cloak that can emanate an aura of darkness over the entire area around him. It’s unsettling in the field but probably calming to be under.
  • I think the cracks in his face probably happened *after* he was scattered but I had to give him one anyway cause it looked cool. I interpreted his hand holes as being from his hands melting together and mostly losing the gaps between fingers but sometimes one of the gaps comes open as a hole
  • (He’s supposed to be talking in Aster but I got tired of doing not-really-aster pretty quickly)


  • scattered!Alphys communicates in messed-up kaomoji mixed with mojibake and replacement characters.
  • The big one on the left actually says “tasukete” (save me) in katakana with the letters a little jumbled, which I then emphasised some of the lines on to make look like just another face. Probably the only actual words she can say (very rarely) that aren’t faces or complete gibberish are like two or three simple phrases of Japanese, “tasukete” being one of them.
  • Incidentally her favourite face she says a lot is a little cat face – o(^.ω.^)o
  • It’s like, one of the last pure traces of who she is that she can hold on to. But you’ll note whenever she tries to say it it always gets garbled.
  • So that’s why Undyne is trying to find out about that face. She’s probably seen some version of it a couple places.
  • One of the lines on Alphys’ face is tear lines, the other is her glasses melting into her face. And of course because I interpreted Gaster as having messed-up hands I drew her hands all messed up too