The Plane of Mood

Undertale very accidentally gave me a stablehand idea

Me: Isn’t it weird that Sans can bleed when he doesn’t have blood

Me: Where does that blood come from anyway

Me: …From the Plane of Edge, of course!!

Me: That sounds like a legit thing Stars Reims would be familiar with

Me: If it weren’t called something that obvious, maybe more like, “The Plane of Mood”

The Plane of Mood is probably a subsection (aka “sphere”) of the Aether, concerned with Ruin. Its central locale would probably have like all this churning bloodlike fluid with globs oozing around like a giant blood lava lamp

Makes me realise, Ruin’s association with blood is probably cause Ruin stays Envira like Esteem. I think I’m gonna stick with that format like I did on the quiz, that each of the UD atts is exactly the same attunes as its directed counterpart except for Direction (as opposed to opposite attunes from the directed counterpart).