Princess and Zxelhziar


Princess is the mascot creature of Esteem, and the only attribute mascot to govern a country of Aluma. She constantly pushes the people of Vvaghras to be no less than excellent and amazing, which in a way sets their country up to do very well, but is also really hard on them, earning her the nickname “The Monster of Esteem”. (Usually “Monster” rather than “Mascot” is reserved for Undirected mascots.) Grævonia and Hinotoria have tried to offer Vvaghras relief from her (violently and non-confrontationally respectively) but neither have really ever succeeded, so she continues to reign, the Vvagh continuing to worship and praise her out of fear but also admiration.


I told you about this guy already. Nominally masculine (I guess that part’s new :p) he’s “bros” with Xzhyrxiel. He’s also a “Panthera”, a fantastical amalgam of ‘all cats’ including the imaginary winged cœlailurus.

I recycled his design idea slightly from an old character in an experimental storything that lasted like three weeks before falling apart. It looked like this:

“True Nekohachi”. The idea was a dude named Nekohachi with cat ears was somehow really supposed to be this thing and he had to find eight elemental cats so he could gain access to a giant orb*. It was supposed to be a parody of Dragon Ball.