Fandom qualifications masterpost

So every so often, just playing around, I’d assign attributes to characters from popular things (or sometimes less popular) that distinctly weren’t Stablehand, to try to get a better feel for how the attribute system worked.

I made a pretty decent handful of those posts. But they weren’t really collected anywhere. And I realised one day, that’d make it pretty hard to find any of them at a moment’s notice if anybody actually wanted to know what attribute I assigned a character. So, I decided to undertake the task of putting them all in one post by story/series and date (because my view of attributes changes and that might be useful to have).

This will probably be a pretty darn niche list, to be perfectly honest. (Insert stuff about don’t judge me etc, except I don’t care.) And also, many of the attribute choices will probably be based on old definitions of attributes that may be inaccurate now (not to mention that a couple of them have this logic gate mechanic I had for like three weeks and then scrapped – the ANDs and ORs are no longer canon!). But maybe it will be of some use anyway?

Adventure Time


Finn: Machination + Faith

Jake: Fantasy

PB: Verity

The trees in one place: Compulsion



This was sitting around undated in an old notebook page.

Aradia: Eternity

Tavros: Flight Compulsion

Sollux: Unity + Portent

Nepeta: Synthesis [mostly because shipping]

Kanaya: Totality

Terezi: Verity + Frustration

Karkat: Will + Frustration

Vriska: Machination

Equius: Esteem + Frustration

Gamzee: Incongruity

Eridan: Frustration

Feferi: Unity + Faith

John: Faith

Dave: Unity + Esteem

Rose: Fantasy + Ruin

Jade: Unity

Jane: Desolation

Dirk: Machination + Duplicity Compulsion

Jake: Faith

Roxy: Incongruity

Frustration was the old UD!Will but was scrapped.


I don’t really remember Homestuck that well any more, but here’s a guess at what they would be now based on my limited memory and the 6 acts I read (also based distinctly more on earlier stuff than later stuff):

Aradia: DTTZ – Machination + UT?Z – Eternity

Tavros: Faith + Compulsion

Sollux: ?TZ – Machination… I think [?, computers, preoccupied?] + UTEZ – Eternity

Nepeta: TEX – Fantasy [not esteem, animal motifs, creative]

Terezi: Faith + UATZ – Desolation

Karkat: ATZ – Verity

Vriska: ATX – Will + Compulsion (whatever attitude is evil, Diverged I guess)

Equius: TTX – Synthesis, I guess [in casual subdued manner specialises in robots, distinct character]

Gamzee: UTEX – Portent [abstractly and haphazardly plotting while disconnected]

Eridan: UAEX – Ruin [actively through magic wants genocide for self]

Feferi: ?EZ – Unity + Faith

John: DAEZ – Faith

Rose: DTTX – Synthesis, + U [Rose as I remember is really impenetrable like practically a Wilful—which is ATX—but she’s more Thematic]

Dave: DTT? – Machination?

Jade: D?EX – Fantasy?

Jane: UTEX – Portent? [I’ll be honest I don’t remember Jane well]

Dirk: still Machination, idk if he has a UD att

Jake: DAEZ – Faith

Roxy: UTE? – Portent or Eternity



Rarity: Esteem

Fluttershy: Unity AND Portent

Rainbow Dash: Faith OR (Will AND Ruin)

Pinkie: Synthesis AND Incongruity

Applejack: (Unity AND Verity) OR Clarity

Twilight: Verity

Spike: Clarity AND Desolation

Celestia: Totality

Luna: Nothing

Cheese Sandwich: Machination + Incongruity

Note: this is still a correct use of Totality and Nothing.



Batter: [Faith AND Clarity] OR [Frustration AND Compulsion]

Bad Batter: Nothing

Alpha: Will (b/c persistently offensive)

Omega: Unity (b/c recovery moves)

Epsilon: Synthesis (b/c its attacks are just weird)

Judge: Esteem OR Verity (only shows the latter late in)

Zacharie: Synthesis (b/c neutral party)

Dedan: Frustration (Machination before)

Enoch: Clarity (Fantasy before)

Japhet: Ruin (Unity before)

Queen: Incongruity

Hugo: Fantasy (wouldn’t have one for him except for a certain big story thing that reminds me of a particular Fantasy ability)

Sugar: Synthesis + Portent



Xerneas: Verity

Yveltal: Ruin

Yveltal is probably still accurate; Xerneas should probably be Esteem.

Spyro the Dragon / Spyro, Legend of

08/11/15, 25/05/17

Original Spyro: Esteem (AEX)

Sgt. Byrd: Machination (TTZ)

Sheila: Will (ATX)

Bentley: Fantasy (TEX)

Agent 9: Verity (ATZ)

Sparx: Unity (TEZ)

LoS Spyro: Faith (AEZ)

Crash Bandicoot: Verity (ATZ)

And Crash because I’m lazy

Steven Universe


Garnet: T?Z – Waltz (Mach/Unity)

Amethyst: TEX – Envira!Synthesis

Pearl: AE? – Affect (Esteem/Faith)

Steven: AEZ – Faith

Rose Quartz: ?EZ – Veil (Unity/Faith)

Ruby: AEZ – Faith

Sapphire: TTZ – Machination, + Eternity

Opal: TEZ – Unity

Sugilite: ATX – Will

Sardonyx: AEX – Esteem

Rose Lion: T?? – ??? I gave him Fantasy in GEM because lions are considered fantastical in Stablehand

Jasper: ATX – Will

Peridot: TTX – Synthesis

Lapis: TTZ, but is actually Will

Connie: T?X – Spark (Fantasy/Synth), or maybe Ambience (Fantasy/Unity)

Ronaldo: AEZ – Faith, + Verity (but he’s bad at it)



Toriel: ATZ – Verity

Sans: UTEZ – Eternity?

Papyrus: AEX – Esteem

Dogs: TEZ – Unity

Doggo: TTZ – Machination

Undyne: ATZ – technica!Faith / ATX – Will

Dr. Alphys: TTZ – zed!Synthesis / UTTZ – Clarity

Mettaton: AEX – Esteem

Napstablook: UTEZ – Eternity

Asgore: TEZ – Unity

Asriel: TEZ – Unity

Flowey: The Monster of Nothing

Gaster: UTEX – Portent

“Monster of Nothing” sounds really funny out of context, in a crossover where all the characters are monsters. If you remember, “Monster” means ‘elemental boss of’ and “Nothing” means ‘destruction of everything’—seems a lot more fitting now doesn’t it?


21/03/2014; 14/06/14

Sonic the hedgehog: Faith

Unikitty (LEGO movie): Incongruity + Faith