As of today (actually as of about a week or two ago but I neglected to post it) G.E.M. as an actual Twine story is basically dropped. I’m still gonna make pretty, finished images of designs of all the characters, but just not make it as a story. Why? Cause I ran out of ideas. :p
I had one project idea but its scope was excessive enough it disguised that fact, and then when I restarted with a much better scope to where I could actually finish it… oops, nice beginning, nice end, nice atmosphere, no real ideas.

Instead, I’ve started working on something called Project Fluff. (It’s totally unrelated to Steven Universe, like not even an original thing inspired by it. If you remember me mentioning my webcomic idea “Remėx the Avian”, it’s much more related to that, borrowing characters from it.) It’s basically a mobile-style ‘fidget game’ with no real goal but where you can kinda explore and experiment, and where there are a bunch of characters a little bit skylanders style I guess.

As I program it I’m gonna experiment with new little things I haven’t done before and that maybe haven’t done before. For one I’m making a library called fluffjs to read world data from a data tiddlywiki, and for another I’m considering making code to write save files as tiddlywikis if possible (just cause it seems logical with the initial databank being stored that way, and also you get infinite space compared to like a cookie which is limited), so that I can maybe make a real sandbox game of sorts that saves stuff it generates and allows you to build some stuff. (I’m an utter beginner when it comes to good library programming practices but they’ll at least be functional. :p)

Eventually I’ll put up a documentation thing of how I coded Project Fluff’s format/library and techniques anyone can ‘steal’ for their own story.