The Summit and the Great Starsea

So as of literally today I finally have a Will mascot. It took me long enough, but finally Will has Proper Lore like the other attributes :p

The mascot doesn’t have a name quite yet, but it does have a design and a species name: Summit. Summits are basically huge sentient reptile-like mountains with a lot of legs.

A picture I scanned about three weeks after this post. Left shows the Summit badly drawn with stuff swimming around it, right is what it actually looks like. It has like a million legs because every smaller peak around it is a leg; some legs even have smaller legs attached.

Basically Summits came from me realising my weakness for Stalwarts (a Will Agent) and wanting to expand them into something even bigger and more powerful that could truly hold all the power Will is supposed to have. That, plus a vague idea floating around relating to one of the Antecedents, Miiro, that I had a name and less than two sentences worth of notes about. Everything suddenly came together today when my biology professor was talking about underwater mountains, or seamounts.

Ok. So first of all there’s this place called The Great Starsea. I haven’t totally finalised what it is, but it’s a strange place where either the ocean is like the sky, or the sky is like the ocean, or maybe both. The end result, anyway, is it’s an ocean filled with starry sky where it’s always night. And it’s kind of vast, I mean otherwise why would they call it the Great Starsea. :p  Miiro is somehow connected with The Great Starsea and hangs around outside it a lot, though I don’t know what significance it has to her.

The central feature of The Great Starsea, I now know, is the Summit. It’s a huge Eterea with a vast amount of sustanszia, and its great power has the effect of drawing a lot of other creatures to it. All kinds of sea life often flock around the Summit, just kind of basking in the energy it gives off. In real-life seamounts, decomposing matter falls on the top of the seamount and attracts filter-feeding creatures that sustain a big food web up to like rays and stuff. In the Starsea, the Summit just kinda sustains all of them by pumping them all full of sustanszia. Sustanszia turns out to have a weird effect on organic creatures, essentially making them immortal and removing a lot of their basic needs.

Tentatively, the Starsea is underwater and from above it looks like an ordinary ocean with a lot of reflected stars in it (it always has a dark starry sky above as well as being semi-dark inside), but it’s this weird place where although you sort of have the physics of water—there’s low “gravity” and you can swim—it behaves a lot like air. You can talk and stuff. The marine life inside either is sustained by the properties of the medium or kept alive by the Summit in spite of the medium not actually being suitable, I actually dunno which.

The Starsea, probably, is of interest to Miiro and people because hello, it’s this place Eterea have basically utterly corrupted the normal rhyme and reason of. Marine life shouldn’t be okay in air… which should not be underwater… where there should not be stars. And yet, the Starsea is just kinda there, a testament to how both amazing and scary the power of Eterea can be and the fact humans kinda don’t have any power to stop it. They want to believe they have some power to control their surroundings, but when it comes to this shit all they can really do is stand back and watch. Also, it’s this place that’s really beautiful and that you want to appreciate the beauty of, while at the same time knowing you most likely don’t want this kind of terrifying, unpredictable “beauty” to encroach on the world any more than it has.

The stars of the Starsea I initially thought were illusions that aren’t really there (basically like the star-reflection version of when you do a mirror trick where you project a “hologram” into a 3-dimensional space using a bunch of mirrors all around), but now I’m thinking, because I can’t unsee the pun, that they might actually be sea stars. Starfish, but also literal balls of plasma. Shaped into spiky three-dimensional forms with a number of arms, sometimes of two sizes or maybe more. These are Eterea of course.

The Summit is kind of an interesting figure because it’s like, it’s not really causing any harm at the moment, but it’s kind of hated because of the way it flaunts its power and “subtly” makes it known to everyone that it could cause a lot of harm if it wanted to. Its ability to make life gravitate toward it makes Commander jealous and tense, particularly because Commander’s Infiltrators aren’t immune so the Summit could just steal them all easily. The Summit’s power is not a theoretical thing at all, either. It’s known to be able to manipulate geology, shaping landforms as it likes, and it fully has the ability to control any creatures it successfully gets to permanently flock around it if it exerts the energy to do that. If anything wanted to fight it, it would have a better army than Commander, along with the ability to always bend the environment to its advantage. Pretty much everybody is fortunate the Summit has never been violent and hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to be.