Project Fluff?

Looking up Spyro and Crash music has kinda made me want to make a twine thing where you just sort of explore an open world and there are a bunch of different locales that all have various little things in them you can find sorta like how Spyro has the gems but there’s like no particular overall goal, you just kind of drift around and bask in the world? It’s supposed to be like a mobile app you fidget with, except with a little more interaction and interest without losing the feel of being relaxed and focused on its own world

And I also want there to be a bunch of cute beastpeople, probably including a number of characters from Project Freebird (Remex/Fuchsia White). I just want like a whole bunch of unlockable characters to make this teeny meta of looking for interesting characters to recruit/trying to discover your new favourite character as you wander around

Effectively it would kinda be a little bit like Project Freebird the game, given how Remex’s objective is to recruit 1,000 other besthommen to merge with and form Simurgh. It would have a distinctly different atmosphere from the Remex comics though, with this kinda relaxed overall feel while the Remex comics have a somewhat more bustling active world with a lot going on in it.