OCtober: Sleipnir

What’s been established about Sleipnir:

He and Hughes were originally members of the Kolonok expedition, who all got voidified and basically killed, but cause they merged with the void these two, at least, came back as voidfolk later*. Sleip has a bunch of different forms, all assumable via various cards that randomly appeared in his wallet when he was reborn. From Sleip’s point of view, he just woke up one day at 20~30something without a past or an identity.

Sleip and Hughes currently live in Sanctuary City, Salvare, a slightly suspicious city that doesn’t ask questions and as long as it doesn’t openly catch you doing anything (it wants to keep its streets safe for all who stay carefully out of trouble), doesn’t really investigate and generally assumes the best. It was probably founded to grant asylum to political refugees kinda like Snowden and such, but naturally, shadier people have taken advantage of it too. Sleipnir is kind of good at using Compulsion thematically, i.e. in a useful and not harmful way (formerly this was “Duplicity” in a “Hardened” way). He is also possibly good at Machination.

He sort of wants to ‘straighten up’ and be an everyday law-abiding folk with an identity, though more because he finds his current existence bleak and unsatisfying and less because he feels any obligation whatsoever to Do Good or Condemn Evil; he would never be a straight arrow like Kris for example. He alternatingly treats Hughes like a useful companion who’s a great help at getting through the day, and an annoying burden he would rather be rid of.

New stuff.

I think there’s definitely a theme of Sleipnir not realising that he’s a voidfolk and that he feels voidy because, well, he is voidy. :p
I totally imagine him noticing that he hasn’t had anything to eat in two weeks and instead of realising ‘you know I may not be human, I’d probably look and feel a lot worse if I was’, just thinking ‘I need to take better care of myself’

I think I’m gonna chill on the different forms thing from what I imagined initially—initially, it was gonna be that he literally turned into a completely new person every so often and none of them were the same; his original form wouldn’t even be among them (in the gamebook of course there would be a small, finite number of them, but the canon would be he could look like anybody). The thing is, if his shifting is connected to the cards in his wallet and he doesn’t feel affinity for any form, probably his number of forms is finite to the exact cards he has and they don’t change, and he DOES in fact have his original form still, he just doesn’t remember the past history of it or feel any affinity to it either. The key thing is the lack of affinity to any form and I think it suits it better if he can’t even recognise/feel affinity to his original form even when it’s right under his nose, much less any of the other forms he has on hand no matter how much he uses them.

Maaaaaybe his cards/forms actually come from the Kolonok crew???
Hmmm. That’s tentative but possible. Might sorta explain why more of them are men than women, and why they’re otherwise fairly diverse (Kolonok had trouble finding the kind of people he wanted so he just kinda went for whoever as long as they had SOME interesting skill).

It would be interesting if, even though none of the forms he already has are stolen, he DID gain the ability to steal people’s identities, i.e. if you went down a path of unrepentant shadiness in his story.
I dunno exactly what he could do by stealing people’s identities, at least not the main characters’. Maybe it’s more like, the identities he goes for are those of important Antecedent-type side characters. He could probably fuck shit up a bit by turning into Rotator, or Fuchsia, or some Hinotorian bureaucrat

It would be so funny to have “the quest where you go steal antecedent X’s wallet” though
I don’t think Fuchsia even carries anything like an ID, you’d practically have to steal her gem and hide her somewhere (cause just stealing the gem wouldn’t get rid of her, I decided that the way materiotranscendents work, they go through the void so as long as it exists she exists no matter how far away it is)

Also imagine him going to steal Graznar’s id
Graznar is literally the spearhead of Clarity so he has like the opposite of an identity; Sleipnir gets there and is like what the fuck I can’t work with this

Sleipnir and Clarity probably do not go well together, being blank and clear is what he wants to avoid after alll.

Also hmm. With Hughes I gave him the sprout emblem sort of based on his vague memories from before. He has that sprout and obsession with the blues because he can very vaguely remember his time in the Heartland so he vaguely longs to be back in the countryside again.

What would Sleipnir’s emblem be? I’m not sure I even know what he was/did before.

If the Kolonok crew = wallet sketchcanon is true, he probably joined the crew in the first place for a reason relating to wanting to just blend into them cause he doesn’t have much of an individual identity of his own (even before he gets reborn)

Hughes is clearly Envira… maybe his theme is more Technica cause he likes cities more than Hughes

I tried to make a logo for him involving chess pieces once and my mind comes back to that because it would make sense to have like a knight (a horse like his name) somehow concealing a pawn (a common piece without special identity).

*googles “most underrated job”*

Hmm. We have utilities, engineering, garbage, post, cleaning… there’s road construction and that kind of thing. Garbageman stands out because of the obvious stupid pun :p

He definitely isn’t on the team for any actual useful skill he has, but more like, quick thinking and being the person who stands up and does what nobody else will because he values his energy less. Zetic basically.

I guess that puts him solidly at Void prototype (Technica/Zed).
Geez Verity? Haha I would totally not have expected that
The garbageman of Truth?