OCtober: Nassak

Ok the first thing to say about Nassak is I decided the thing from that one anime where the dude had a million bones and I was like that dude would move like a snake, is now canon for him. He can manipulate the bone structure in his body due to his half-aethereal nature that allows for otherwise impossible changes in his physical form, and use this to bend in ways no normal human being should be able to bend. In “snakebone form” he can coil his arms around objects to grip them or easily escape whenever caught in anything. (Probably in “normal form” his bones would still have odd lines on them where the divisions form in snakebone form; this would not be visible except on an x-ray. Perhaps when he was first born the doctors noticed it on some display though, that’d be a cool detail)

Now new stuff.

Probably, for Nassak the interface changes up, and all the stuff that might be in his flowspace is in the interface as well, in mini form. The narration box, which is usually just to describe the scenery for the probably largely backgroundless early testing stage, becomes permanently out instead of optional/hidden, and he actually gives his own opinions/impressions in it. He also has a handful of instruments which give precise info about the environment (like… temp, altimeter, humidity, vibration, idk), idk what that would allow him to do but the idea is he can find relevant things a good deal more efficiently than other characters. Not in a way that feels like you’re abusing a glitch like Era would do things, just easier.

It might be like, if you click on an instrument and it happens to be showing a value which is relevant he makes a comment in his narration box.

Hmm one thing is though, do these instruments represent his innate senses or is he actually looking at instruments
I think… the mini ones in the interface represent his intuitive senses, and the full ones in the flowspace are actual instruments he has. For some reason I imagine him literally opening up his coat or a fold in it to reveal a bunch of instruments pinned on it. Maybe some of them are pinned conspicuously on the outside when they’re something he uses a lot, in which case the actual instrument should be the thing in the interface. One of those would be a compass.

Among Nassak’s instruments one very important thing would be that he probably has innate senses for aethereal stuff, like when MBs are near. I guess that would be an “essentia in the area” meter, sorta the way you’d use an infrared detector to find organic beings. (Something Nassak can also probably do.)

Probably Nassak can somehow use his instruments to easily find a quick route through the Aether, when any other character (well Yanha would be an exception, they can probably pull up a fairly extensive map in their flowspace) would get lost easily.

Yeah Nassak is quite definitely a Navigator as his archetype. This is pretty much exactly the skill set Navigators use, finding their way around, braving rough terrain, etc.