OCtober: Ariana

I already had a fairly extensive post on Ariana recently, where I decided her dad was part of the CFF, a successor to Tiess Bernh’s group. Ari-Enai, a great-aunt to Magna, served under Tiess Bernh, and Ariana is an echo of her because great Fantasy people who had a sufficient focus on some kind of storytelling in life have the ability to be reborn as Originators*.

Ariana’s characters currently include:

  • Barry
  • Knight Cat (Jude)
  • Wings-07
  • Private Jo, planning a military satire movie to raise money for the armed forces
  • Evil King – major antagonist
  • Three others, probably antagonists, one may be an ally though

For the other characters I’ve considered:

  • A big blue fluffy monster with floppy ears that’s totally the kind of thing you might make a picture book about, but which has a story that is a bit more serious/sad than that (cb quote: “After lunch and in the evening is a process, what if I told you that I was ugly blue Hetelunt me?“)
  • The gut microbe senate – probably they’d be an antagonist, like idk, they make the laws inside some big whale or something and Ariana has to convince them to change the laws in order to proceed but they just won’t
  • Ariana imagines somebody named T.S. Bern (a misinterpretation of vague memories of her father’s stories about Tiess Bernh) is going to come and be a serious boon to her community somehow but I’m not sure whether she’s actually able to originate him. Probably not, cause she actively tries too hard to create a definite image for him, which is unlike the more passive way she makes her other characters.
  • Ice explorer person who climbs really tall icebergs to get to the tip of them (this could be connected to Miiro, an antecedent character I have a name and sort of an aesthetic for but not a story yet)
  • Somebody with a connection to a wizard, who taught them things. (This one is probable.)

    Notes: these “things” are not flashy magic but something that is a normal ability that is a liiiiiiittle bit magic. God can you imagine if somebody went to a wizard to learn how to do calculus, just plain old calculus. Or worse/better, basic algebra. Also the wizard is never a front and centre character at all, just. There’s just kind of a wizard that exists somewhere, the only one in the world pretty much, and nobody thinks about how big a deal it is that in the Stablehand universe, being a wizard is actually a big fucking deal. It means that beyond the normal ability everyone has to use existing by-our-standards-magical physics to accomplish things, you can just decide ok I don’t like this way the world works, I’mma change it, and do that if it’s small enough and you’re good enough.

  • See the footnote – I don’t think I’ll do it partly because this project has too many phoenixes but I sorta considered adding the person described there under the name “Fen”, short for Phoenix.