Good going Pterodaustro

I had a dream that in some top-down Legend of Zelda game there was a small sidequest that was like one of those obstacle course races you have to do to win a piece of heart or some other semi-important item

For some reason the player character was Pterodaustro instead of Link?? A little sprited Pterodaustro with his black wingsuit-wetsuit and everything. And he wasn’t supposed to be doing this race, it was really for somebody else (maybe the actual Link, I don’t remember) who could be observed doing the race when he came in. But he was going to do it anyway.

The scientist-looking people standing around were perfectly open to this. Getting the time of Link or whoever was actually data they were taking for some reason, but they were perfectly willing to take Pterodaustro’s time too, as if it was great to have another data point. But because they hadn’t really planned on him being there they just stood there without saying anything or explaining how he was supposed to go through the obstacle course, when it was confusing and yet there was clearly only one correct way.

T-daust tried going through the obstacle course but of course, he went the wrong way so they didn’t even acknowledge him.

Later however, where the dream cut to, apparently he eventually succeeded, getting a faster time than the other participant.

The result?

The pterosaur Pterodaustro was named that instead of the name it was supposed to be named, with nobody in Hyrule (?) ever knowing the original intended name. Everyone talked about “Pterodaustro” as its name, as if the game were trying to imply this was a really awkward and silly sounding name that wasn’t supposed to be, but because the player just had to go do that sidequest didn’t you, Hyrule ended up with this joke of a name instead of the perfectly reasonable name we had in reality, and nobody but you had any idea things were this way. Pterodaustro screwed up history.