Attitudes: Erratic and Aligned

Hmm. I’ve been working with attunes versus attitudes and…. I thought attitudes were final at this point but it turns out they’re still not, not quite.

One problem I ran into is that Agentic-Thematic-Directed-Undirected is… good, but it doesn’t really capture the dynamic of how with either type of attribute sometimes you can use an attribute perfectly and sometimes you use it decidedly imperfectly. Notably I realised this when yesterday I thought of a couple of techniques for Lance which were “Critical Strike” and “Critical Incompetence”*. One, obviously, is an effective purposeful technique and one is a disaster, while both are somehow the Ruin attribute.

Previously I had attitudes and attributes in the same table which looked like this:

Undirected Directed
Example Ruin Esteem
Agentic Ruin: Chaotic Esteem: Empowered
Thematic Ruin: Liberated Esteem: Stagnant

This resulted from a reuse of the two “main” attunes, Direction and Agency, for attitudes.

Now what I’m thinking is that attitudes will be a separate table from attributes so both the D and UD atts have this table, with Directed/Undirected replaced with Aligned/Erratic. Critical Incompetence would be Erratic then, and Critical Strike would be Aligned.

Undirected Erratic Directed Aligned
Agentic Thematic
Technica Envira ← NOT USED
Zed (Zetic) Xai (Chiasmatic) ← NOT USED

Which gives this table:

Undirected Directed
Erratic Aligned Erratic Aligned
Agentic Chaotic Diverged Agentic Lost Empowered
Thematic Blanked Liberated Thematic Stagnant Passive
^ “Blanked” and “Passive” are tentative names that may well change.

As before, Undirected attributes prefer Thematic (Liberated), and Directed attributes prefer Agentic (Empowered). But now there’s kind of a better explanation of that: if you try to coerce D atts into Thematic they’ll tend toward Erratic, giving Stagnant, and if you try to coerce UD atts into Agentic they also tend toward Erratic (Chaotic), but can be Diverged if you have a good handle on them.

Nightmare and Risen are still a thing, Nightmare being the next step up from Chaotic and Risen the next step up from Empowered. idk about Diverged. Probably that would go to Risen? I’m clueless about the other six attitudes right now. For now, tentatively, Risen and Nightmare are the only ones there are, because Undirected is most powerful when it utterly loses control of itself and Directed is most powerful when it gains control.

I also honestly don’t know right now what this’ll mean for MB classifications that were using the old table (read: the guidebook index page on MBs I had in progress). Will that table be resorted into this table? …Maybe? Probably? Who knows at this point.