Misc things I knew but didn’t write down yet

  • Biotranscendents first learn the ropes by fusing living things into them, then learn to simply modify their body without this aid. Serval’s cat features came from a fusion with his cat when he was first learning, then he probably had a stage where he kept a serval, but now his serval features are his own he made independently.
  • In the Epic Age, Verity and Esteem both had more prominence than they have now. Now, Unity is one attribute that definitely has a lot of prominence.
    In the Epic Age, Unity was probably not as prominent.
  • Fantasy kind of has a reputation as being mythical and unheard of, though there are plenty of Fantasy people out there, it’s not really a minority. It’s mainly the high-level fantasy techniques that are (kind of rightfully, cause they’re pretty crazy) seen as unbelievable.
  • The reason the Hfenix can’t be killed is because it’s constantly brimming with sustanzsia. If it loses a lot of sustanzsia more will just immediately fill it in from the universe’s total reserve of Unity, which is pretty much infinite. The Hfenix can’t even willingly kill itself by offloading all its sustanzsia, because it would have to do that at a rate bigger than infinity to outpace its regeneration rate, and even there its regeneration rate is still ALWAYS faster than its depletion rate as a rule. It would literally explode violently from its sustanzsia refilling so fast… and still not be dead or close to dying after that. Its esenszia would probably be damaged by the explosion though, opening the possibility for it to turn into a Monster that’s somehow still the Hfenix and still linked to Unity as always. A literally unstoppable Monster, basically. That… would be pretty bad.

    (This came up because even though it was already answered I was thinking about why Rose Phoenix didn’t die in G.E.M.)