I’m kinda sorta thinking about combining Fuchsia White and Remėx the Avian

Fuchsia White kinda… went nowhere too fast. The idea of a rock opera with a distinctive visual aesthetic based around “besthommen” (furries, roughly speaking) was really neat but I never really came up with a story to tell, more than a method of character creation and the vaguest background.

Remėx on the other hand doesn’t really have an aesthetic but totally has a story and all these little plotlines in my head, which could require a lot of characters but I hardy have three made

So it seems kinda natural to put two incomplete stories together to make a whole.

There’s just one problem, which is that Remėx is supposed to be all about birds and Fuchsia White includes furries of all shades. :p
The birds are supposed to form Simurgh, like a thousand of them, but I initially imagined only birds forming her?

Hmm maybe… Simurgh has mammal features, maybe I could use that as an excuse for some of her composite creatures to be mammals :p
And if I go there maybe I could shoehorn in “Dracones” from Stablehand, (cause leijonœrns and such can have mammal-like features, hair-like plumes and such) which could provide an excuse to add general reptiles

Edit: Hrrrrrrrrm.

After some thought…. I honestly don’t think I can totally merge them. I can definitely put Remėx and the Fuchsia White characters in the same universe, maybe feature them in the comic, which I will probably do. But they kinda have a life of their own too. And Fuchsia had a fairly rad theme song.

Fuchsia’s comic in Remėx could be a way to discuss fictional heroes and their influence… maybe feminism and like the whole issue of portraying an ideal feminist world versus being “realistic”

You know what, I really like the idea I already had assumed in the back of my mind that every comic is a little character study, and previous characters can return in later comics if they’re relevant

Fuchsia White as a small song-based… thing… could still be a kind of spinoff of Remėx (operas can be pretty discontinuous actually I think)