TiddlyWiki – ToC plugin

I finally figured out how to make a TiddlyWiki plugin!

This plugin adds a table of contents to your TW. Tag tiddlers “Contents” to add them to the top level of it; tag tiddlers with other tiddlers to nest them under a parent.


  1. Go here to my plugins wiki
  2. Find “$:/plugins/takumi/toc” in the Contents tab
  3. Drag the link. Yeah, you can do that.
  4. Drop it into your TiddlyWiki in another tab, at the green rectangle at the top that says “Drop here”.

That’s all! It will add itself to a “Plugins” category so you can easily remove it later. Edit the Plugins tiddler and remove “Contents” from it if you want to remove this category from the ToC (it will override the tiddler in the plugin and persist if you reinstall later).