Specifications for inxscrawl plugin

  • Create “inxscrawl:pages” layer which simply holds dividing lines between pages.
    • make objects in this layer not show up in png export or in printing
    • Create/destroy on command
  • Ability to toggle on/off stock lined paper/graph paper layers (create/destroy on command, maybe enable/disable printing/export of on command)
  • Button to “add a page” which expands the document by precisely the dimensions of one page of the selected page size (or multiple of course) in the selected direction, and then moves all the existing content by that distance (in svg coordinates act like a coordinate plane which is often NOT the direction things are written on pages, leaving content sitting at the bottom with space at the top if you add a page as is :p)
  • perhaps a way for it to like reconfigure the pages if you ask it to, put them all vertically like a document, put them doubled vertically with recto and verso, etc. And everything in the pages moves with the pages. A group is created for every page (with a small threshold to allow overlapping objects in pages) before moving them.
  • xournal-style “move everything below the line up/down” tool


  • Preset brushes
    • It would be awesome to have a way to make actual brushes. Like, brush presets that use inkscape’s path along path functionality
    • brushes need to be easily editable and configurable so you can easily make a pen tool like existing pencil tool but with settings, a highlighter tool, a brush that paints in black by default, a brush that uses the last colour used, and have them all at hand in a brush palette