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The girl, the dragon, and the terrible narrator

So, the other day I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I didn’t really want to fix up my website, so I decided to go back to a song I wasn’t quite finished with. I picked at a bit, but then boredom struck, and the same penchant for suddenly weaving really elaborate procrastination art on a whim that brought you the diamond anthem led to this.

The idea was this: what if there was a movie trailer where the narrator literally had no clue what was going on and was just badly ad-libbing everything?

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Libre songs/SFX used


So, I’d been intrigued by the idea of Steven having the diamond grunts and Lapis instead of the Crystal Gems, or more precisely, what it would actually mean for the story, and I drew one of my famous Takumi doodle-storyboard-comics about it. I’ve drawn said things about three times before, and this is the first time I think I actually made a kind of good one.


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I halfways dreamt in nightblogs last night

First I had this weird… story idea, I guess you could call it, that like you have this darkness spreading across the world sorta like in Drawn to Life for example but because we don’t want to be cliché it can’t just be called darkness, we have to call it “The Stain“. I also imagined Spyro the dragon (like, Ps1 model, more overhead camera than usual) exploring this passage permeated by the Stain (it looked sort of like black paint plus bubbling tar there) only to find that it was “like super glue” and he got stuck in it

I was apparently imagining that because a college class on the history of Christianity I ended up in by accident was too boring to pay attention to but I was too polite to leave before it ended :p

Second, as I was waking up I randomly “remembered” this snatch of dialogue I don’t think I actually ever heard anywhere:
“why do glasses have like eight corners”

Zxelhziar and the diamond bosses

Sometimes only my stupid AUs of existing things can get me off my butt to finish stuff :p

Today I was like I’mma design the (G.E.M.) boss diamonds and each one is gonna be two Stablehand mascots squashed together because they were each going to have two attributes anyway
But like a third of the mascots were undesigned so I had to assign a mascot to Fantasy and Will and design all of them (haven’t formally designed them yet actually)

The mascot of Fantasy is Zxelhziar, and the name is a reverse of “Xzhyrxiel”.


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Something I’d been wondering about for a while is assuming DTP is an aetherboss (I’d never been sure whether he was or not) where did his female form go

I’d been thinking he has a bunch of different guises, maybe 5 of them, each with a distinct furry theme (the aetherbosses are weird about their theme making them look vaguely like furries, actually… SH, Ark, and Aiyalam all have creatures in their themes) that has a different half-mask; a handful of things about DTP were from failed Zacharie [OFF] headcanons so the idea of doing something with multiple masks and forms was kind of in the same vein

I realised that perhaps his guise forms could all be the female form collectively, so he has more of a distributed, mysterious identity than the other aetherbosses

But if his guise forms are all female that really makes him like Shade Vanadia. I think DTP really is gonna be not-Shade Vanadia after all…


Gen is rescued for being too “human” to be an Eterea. They are unusually Envira-tilted (already the case physically, they’re fluffy instead of like some weird hybrid of skin/statue/mineral/fireplace), giving them distinctly vibrant [usual sense] emotions that a lot of ordinary Eterea do not have.

It’s not unheard of, just really uncommon. Other Eterea usually can empathise the way an abstract creature made of feelings would, but Gen feels things on a human level. This makes them awkward toward others, as they’re immediately able to see how impersonal and distant and cryptic every other Eterea is.

Their strong emotions give them a tendency to want to be Esteem but also an awkwardness that makes the “graceful” and “finessing” part very hard. So they stick with Synth-Uni-Ve. In their case Esteem is like a more majestic version of Synthesis and some of their higher-tier techniques will be in that instead of Synth.

Synthesis and Incongruity are collectively called “Train” so what if like somebody interpreted that really literally and is just like all about locomotives

Maybe the major organisation of Synthesis is literally “The Railroad” and they’re an organisation but they also built a bunch of railroads throughout the world