I had this dream that for some reason I was helping my brother make small moulded ice statues in his room. I was first putting some of them into a “freezer” so they would stay cold, though it didn’t have a door and was almost more like just a cardboard box. I leaned its open side against the bookshelf nearly flush with it, which seemed to for some reason keep it cold inside. There shouldn’t have been any reason the bookshelf would keep it cold, because the bookshelf wasn’t cold (actually, the books and stuff in it were very slightly chilled but there wasn’t a real source of cold anywhere).

Then I noticed that there were several of the small ice statues just out in the room with literally no source of cold anywhere but themselves that weren’t melting, and I was rather confused until I noticed that every single one of them had yellow yarn wrapped around some part of them. Was that why they weren’t melting??

My brother told me yeah, actually, you should take a look at this, and handed me an old printout of an article online, talking about yellow yarn and how actually, some yellow yarns used a pigment made from minerals—I don’t think it was clear whether it was one or several minerals—that had this property. I was really, really intrigued because whoa how does that work??? How do these minerals just miraculously keep things cold. I racked my brain trying to think about what I knew about physics and how materials vibrate and how maaaaybe something about the minerals gives off vibrations or something that makes the other materials vibrate slower. (I knew even in the dream that was wonky physics and probably not right but I was really stumped as to how this could happen :p)

When I discovered it was a dream I was like yeah okay that’s basically impossible why did I believe that, but I was also faintly disappointed.