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I was thinking about it recently and I came to the conclusion that I think I’m gonna rethink G.E.M. from the ground up a bit

A bit back, I realised it could be cooler than what I was planning at the moment, a bit more interesting and suiting—something I realised for the silliest reason.

Like. Are you prepared for this reason

I decided to rethink the project because








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I quickly drew this at one point last year when a friend was not feeling so well, but then decided not to post it because probably they were already over it. But, seeing as how they happened to be down again I thought, well I could dig that up again. So here you are.

The creature is a cervoptere (SER-vo-tair), a Grævonian animal related to hexart dragons, though this was a rough design for it; I still haven’t designed them properly. It’s usually associated with Compulsion but I wanted to give a hopeful vibe by pairing it with the colour and symbol of Faith instead.

*looks at Transistor*

If a biotranscendent’s major aim is to become an animal is a technotranscendent’s major aim to become a weapon

What if the Techs could do a combo where all of them but one turn into weapons

What kind of combo would that be though? Proooobably a Fantasy combo I guess?

Hmm, I’m starting to think combos are a pretty freeform thing where instead of each attribute having a standard outline for combos like Unity combos always being fusions they’re just whatever they happen to be and are assigned their attribute based on their general theme

Jinfèng’s area may actually be in the same area like province or at least territory as the Baj Kun area

The thing is, I realised the other day when editing the lifecomp entry for flarefowl* that if they use the name “Huang” in Aeterna for the bird and Huang people, the Mandarin-style romanisations (whose origin I didn’t know previously) might actually come from like, this little enclave of Aeterna inside Hinotoria

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Specifications for inxscrawl plugin

  • Create “inxscrawl:pages” layer which simply holds dividing lines between pages.
    • make objects in this layer not show up in png export or in printing
    • Create/destroy on command
  • Ability to toggle on/off stock lined paper/graph paper layers (create/destroy on command, maybe enable/disable printing/export of on command)
  • Button to “add a page” which expands the document by precisely the dimensions of one page of the selected page size (or multiple of course) in the selected direction, and then moves all the existing content by that distance (in svg coordinates act like a coordinate plane which is often NOT the direction things are written on pages, leaving content sitting at the bottom with space at the top if you add a page as is :p)
  • perhaps a way for it to like reconfigure the pages if you ask it to, put them all vertically like a document, put them doubled vertically with recto and verso, etc. And everything in the pages moves with the pages. A group is created for every page (with a small threshold to allow overlapping objects in pages) before moving them.
  • xournal-style “move everything below the line up/down” tool


  • Preset brushes
    • It would be awesome to have a way to make actual brushes. Like, brush presets that use inkscape’s path along path functionality
    • brushes need to be easily editable and configurable so you can easily make a pen tool like existing pencil tool but with settings, a highlighter tool, a brush that paints in black by default, a brush that uses the last colour used, and have them all at hand in a brush palette

TiddlyWiki – ToC plugin

I finally figured out how to make a TiddlyWiki plugin!

This plugin adds a table of contents to your TW. Tag tiddlers “Contents” to add them to the top level of it; tag tiddlers with other tiddlers to nest them under a parent.


  1. Go here to my plugins wiki
  2. Find “$:/plugins/takumi/toc” in the Contents tab
  3. Drag the link. Yeah, you can do that.
  4. Drop it into your TiddlyWiki in another tab, at the green rectangle at the top that says “Drop here”.

That’s all! It will add itself to a “Plugins” category so you can easily remove it later. Edit the Plugins tiddler and remove “Contents” from it if you want to remove this category from the ToC (it will override the tiddler in the plugin and persist if you reinstall later).

I had this dream that for some reason I was helping my brother make small moulded ice statues in his room. I was first putting some of them into a “freezer” so they would stay cold, though it didn’t have a door and was almost more like just a cardboard box. I leaned its open side against the bookshelf nearly flush with it, which seemed to for some reason keep it cold inside. There shouldn’t have been any reason the bookshelf would keep it cold, because the bookshelf wasn’t cold (actually, the books and stuff in it were very slightly chilled but there wasn’t a real source of cold anywhere).

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Bosses / attunes finally explained

I finally went back and used my newest decision on attunes to figure out the bosses. By figuring out what attunes they were I could match them up to attributes, since each attribute has associated attunes.

Agency Environment Chroma Boss Attribute
Agentic Envira Xai Arkturuse Esteem
Agentic Envira Zed Arkturuse Faith
Agentic Technica Xai Aiyalam Will
Agentic Technica Zed SH Verity
Thematic Envira Xai DTP Fantasy
Thematic Envira Zed DTP Unity
Thematic Technica Xai Aiyalam Synthesis
Thematic Technica Zed SH Mach.

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Dark Teapot and shade forms

Dark Teapot and Sigmund Wren are the same person, but essentially in two separate timelines. Sigmund Wren’s timeline ends where Dark Teapot’s timeline begins, and vice versa, creating a chicken and egg time loop situation where it’s not really clear if he was “always” an aetherboss or not. Sigmund Wren was initially a person who became an aetherboss, but Dark Teapot was initially an aetherboss who became a person.

Dark’s additional “guise” identities that I always had a vague idea he’d have have to do with his connection with the dream spy agency.

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Oh snap

Ok so before it was revealed what she was I made this silly post about SU‘s Garnet being not a gem fusion but a split gem made out of one gem that split into two

And I just realised
Just like the day I realised Stablehand coincidentally had fusions, it’s coincidentally had these for a bit [though SU doesn’t actually have them to my knowledge :p]

Xima-Era, the mascot of Synthesis/Incongruity, is a split being formed from a single one

If fusion is a Unity combo, that’s a frigging Synthesis combo right there
or a de-combo more like :p