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I found a couple of text messages in my phone I used to keep notes about dreams…

Red azert arrives at the desert

“Jun 05, 11:17 am”

There was an actual scene of this as I remember.


“Apr 04, 10:30 am”

This was the name of something but I don’t remember what.

Last night I had a dream that Ruby and Sapphire’s fusion was not Garnet but Tom Bombadil (Lord of the Rings). I just made up an appearance for him ad hoc that was lazily copypasted from Bilbo a little.

Ruby and Sapphire were his big toes?? They were toes but they were vibrant blue and red, and I forget which one I had on which side but I said to myself in the background while examining them from the fusion’s perspective, ‘no I’m pretty sure those are on the wrong sides’ and was able to instantly switch the toe colours. (It was one of those dreams where you’re just vaguely lucid enough you can tell you’re randomly telling a bullshit story and to some small extent you can start commenting on it/revising it like you might when writing a story when awake.)

Prior to this I’d been drawing Garnet for reasons and kept getting confused about which of her gems goes on which side :p


There’s a lot of Synthesis going on on this page.

First off we have a Synthesis combo. I was thinking about how RFS combo techniques are a little bit like Gem fusions but not exactly, and how given I see Sardonyx as being Synthesis maybe G.E.M.!- Garnet and Pearl could do a Synthesis combo where they move around a lot and whenever their paths intersect they can literally run straight through each other and while they’re intersecting they’ll appear as a glimpse of G.E.M.!Sardonyx.

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Idea: animeish thing where people’s “power levels” are actually painfully consistent. If you recruit an enemy that isn’t that powerful, sure enough, they’re pretty sucky. If you recruit a powerful enemy they stay powerful, even if they become sympathetic and full of personality. If your friends turn evil they don’t become more powerful. And most of all if it’s said something is powerful enough to defeat X early on, it can defeat X, or anything said to be less powerful than X. If it can’t stand up to X it can’t beat anything said to be more powerful than X.

People can grow and get more powerful of course, or make stupid decisions that mean when they would have won against X they don’t. Or make wonderful decisions that are just really good strategy. But if anybody wins by luck it’s painfully obvious they should not have won and everyone yells at them for being reckless. And nobody can build a strategy off being lucky.

Nonbinary in the "real way"

I wrote eighteen thousand words about my gender. Which, by the way, is literally nearly as much as my Stablehand explanation post (aka WSP) and “autobiography” post combined, which were ~10k words each. (It took me two weeks.)

It’s a lot, but I needed to get it out.


Ssiv could like go play a “song of stability” for Vergozsya and turn her into not really a mascot any more, leaving Nassak when he’s supposed to find her to just go “where is the monster of compulsion. where is my mother” because she went elsewhere

Y’know initially I thought of the Mascots as just being there, something that was necessary for the universe to be built but aren’t relevant any more

But now I think the image of if you destroy them their attribute is actually deleted from reality would be so weird and interesting. It kinda explains the whole thing of ‘Jinhuáng not being a mascot and being a human fucks with timelines because she becomes disconnected from the Aether’ better too.

If you delete Compulsion does that delete Faith, because Faith is kinda the ability to delete Compulsion…

*Faith has been fucking deleted, GOODBYE*
*Kris has a sequence of Faith wings in the background shifting into the totality symbol and is like wwwwhat just happened*

I kinda really agree that it’s a lacklustre way to do things to have only ONE ITEM THAT CAN SAVE THE WORLD!

It’d be kind of awesome if these heroes are on a quest to get the great item and then suddenly they’re just like you know fuck this there are way better ways to do this with just a bit of lateral thinking, why don’t we blow the big bads up with explosives or dam up a river and flood their evil pit of fire or something

Alternatively, story where the heroes are led to find the great item as a distraction, the bad guys are just misleading everyone so nobody will think of trying to defeat them by obvious methods which would work just fine

What “anime”/”manga” makes most people think of:

  • Big eyes and “bishie design” (see: Fire Emblem)
  • Otaku tropes: friendly neighbourhood pervert, anime maid outfit, ancient nature spirit that just ‘happens’ to look like a child, etc.
  • Shouting
  • The Nine Tailed Fox, or the less-tailed fox with kabuki makeup
  • Desu desu kawaii desu gratuitous Japanese word
  • OVER 9000
  • Get in the robot!
  • Beginners’ poor imitations of cel-shaded stylised forms on deviantart
  • Taking things like card games and writing names in notebooks way too seriously and dramatically
  • anime tiddy
  • yaoi hands
  • I don’t like him or anything!

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