I really do want to get back to a monstergame some day but idk, every so often I realise like, Digimon did 75% of the things I want to do great already, and largely faded into obscurity because the parts where it didn’t have its shit together were major dealbreakers

It had some of the raddest, most unique monster design I have ever seen to be honest. I mean you have gungungunmon but once you get past that kind of thing there were some amazing creatures there. Awesome creature designs that get ridiculously elaborate, involved evo lines, “WORLDBUILDING!”, genderless, hacker appeal, elemental shit (not much but a tad), mod evolutions, fusion/combo techs, they were originally supposed to be tamagotchi with the levels as the life stages though that was just like a brief initial phase of it and kinda not all that well developed, the story apparently had some pretty interesting moments sometimes although it was a mess

I dunno, I’m kinda starting to go back and rethink what I could actually do with a monstergame that would actually be new and unexpected and not just recreating Digimon. I mean I’m okay with copying stuff because everybody copies something—no matter how weird your idea is it’s always copying something—and there’s always that you can do a new take on something and make it 200% more interesting even though you only changed it a little. But at the same time… why expend the effort when Digimon is right there

My idea yesterday was like, what I always thought was really fascinating was stupid often-Chinese bootleg games… maybe I could actually make “House Pet”. Maybe I could play up the surrealist angle of things and basically do the Buffet Breakfast → Stablehand thing but with games, have it be to where at first it SEEMS like everything is just really really badly translated and broken but then you realise that no, that’s just the way this world is. All the bizarre things they’re saying are actually accurate. That book that said don’t serve the devil was giving you advice, people always get asked to serve the devil but fortunately they always say no and he politely goes away. The things that seem broken are actually legit deliberately-programmed mechanics you have to figure out. It’s just part of your monster trainer job description to figure out how to use your incredibly glitchy interface to your advantage and even figure out how to take it to the next level to do cool reality-breaking things with it like walk through walls or stuff.

…Y’know what I changed my mind

Fuck this “why would I rehash digimon” noise. An intentional digimon rehash where it’s just like digimon 2.0 but with fucking weird additions/modifications would actually be pretty cool