I didn’t have a Synthesis Mascot species ever, I just never made one yet
And I just realised
If you take apart “chimaera” it turns into Xima-Era

Era could maybe be the Incongruity half of the mascot while “Xima” could be the Synthesis half; instead of a separate monster and mascot there’s just one with two halves

The “chimaera” could be a common creature that takes traits from Xima-Era the same way flarefowl are a common echo of the Hfenix and hexarts and monoceros are nonmagic flaredrakeicorns. It could be, like, the missing link between nonmetamorphosing animals and hexarts or something, doing partial metamorphoses that give it its patchwork appearance; probably its ancestor metamorphosed like a hexart but the modern one later evolved the ability to do partial metamorphoses at any point in its life.

Though with as frighteningly OP as Era is it kinda suggests Xima would also be frighteningly OP in a different way, like, completely understanding of the rules of the universe as they usually work and able to skilfully use them against others while Era is constantly subverting them. Also if Era was never supposed to be, it stands to reason that Xima’s existence would be like, ordained by fate and destiny and the universe as a component of it all. But like, just like Era it’s also kind of an unnecessary addition: if Xima wasn’t created at Origin, that requirement for it to exist as a component of the universe savvy to its workings wouldn’t be a thing, it just added that rule by coming into being.

Then again Jinhuáng was like this ridiculously important figure that unified all the timelines and also acted as matriarch to the Hinotorians over this huge empire kinda of a country that swallowed up like 2/3 of a continent and diffused its culture through the world, so maybe the attribute mascots are just generally way more important than I thought originally.

Hmm, the only thing I don’t like about this is I already have Istent as the Monster of Incongruity, and Istent fits with Incongruity perfectly. The “Lucidities” it’s one of go pretty perfectly with the idea of “suddenly you make this weird nonsensical realisation that just changes everything”. Then again there’s already Papa Stork who’s also Incongruity (he’s basically mascot level because of the Ciconians) and the Lehtyura Pyramids?

I guess technically, Hughes created Papa Stork and the LPs could be a “lesser” mascot, still leaving room for Xima-Era to be the “official” one, but I don’t know where that leaves Istent.

Better idea: there isn’t a one Steve rule and Era just happens to be named the same as Xima-Era!Era

Jegus. I think that would fit way better, if Era looks sort of like Xima-Era!Era just a liiiitle bit just enough to convey he’s a glitch borrowing a shred of Xima-Era!Era’s “data” by chance, making him the sort of thing where fans go crazy wondering about and come up with crazy theories about ‘X is really Y’ but there’s actually no connection, only there’s a small connection here because he’s literally borrowing the data glitch style.