Flowspace ideas

  • Lance’s flowspace is a mess with sticky notes all over it a la the way he was in DCS
  • Jinfèng’s flowspace might be her interface with Dà Jinhuáng
  • Nassak’s flowspace has like, these infrequent flashes in the background of a silhouette of Vergozsya as kind of a “holy shit what the fuck was that” freakout type of thing. It should be a very military-looking thing with like idk mission objectives, a radar, that kinda thing. If there are any instruments they should actually do something though, I hate fake instruments.
  • It would be so awesome if you could open up your flowspace during cutscenes (Stablehand’s “cutscenes” might include a few true animated things but are mostly just static strings of backstory pages, which is what I mean here) and there was one cutscene where that would cause a different outcome where the character daydreams through everything the person had to say
  • Ariana’s flowspace is full of bright colours and fancy bold-coloured markers and eye-catching shapes and basically looks like a scrapbook.
    Because she’s a daydreamy person she’ll go into her flowspace automatically if you leave the game open without doing anything for like seven seconds. However when you’re in her flowspace, there’s some sticky note or something that says “Note to self: focus more” that you can click to cause the words to be circled, or click again to cause them to be uncircled, and if they’re circled it turns off her automatic flowspacing.
  • I imagine a lot of random badly-described ideas periodically coming in and out of Ariana’s flowspace if you stay there. These could be foreshadowing/hints to what happens in her originated stories.
  • Within Ariana’s flowspace could be a way to access basically her character notebook, which is supposed to be like a status screen for all her originated characters. However when you actually look at it it’s… tremendously unhelpful. Wings-07’s profile like has a scribbly wave border around the words “bird man something” where his picture is supposed to be and a couple random notes not even written on the lines but across the page like “place of trials on stuff” and “they’re like karkira without the snow”. [she was trying to think of “laboratory”/”research” but just couldn’t at that one moment, and that it was kind of a cold (emotionally) place where creatures were being made, kinda like how Karkira makes a bunch of model horse people.]