Sketchcanon: all the people with mineral names (there are like four I think – Fuchsia [has pink topaz as talisman], Sardius, Carbonado, Sphene…) possessed one of the legendary “jewel cases” which are cd-rom cases that contain mineral discs. Each one contains a program that has the power to rework the world a different way, but all of these ways get rid of humans.

The discs were Carbonado’s invention, probably. I know that there was a “tech noble dev command in the South” which the technotranscendents that would later found Techanopia got their skills at, so I’m thinking that was like an early mission of the Fort, to leverage techno cirquers to create a method of cirque programming so Carbonado could create his program discs.

At some point the Techs and other people must have just left him because he clearly didn’t get to carry out his intentions. Either that, or he made the discs and then was just like fuck it, I don’t wanna use these, it’s more fun to sit here and exploit people by running diamond mines. (This came from a cleverbad quote – “He said, ornaments and other form of exploitation”)