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cp -r . ../rehashkai

Ok I’m laughing because it really is the case, sometimes to proceed creatively you just need to do the thing you’re totally not going to do… Here I am literally shamelessly rehashing digimon. now what would I do if I was doing that


What I love is that there are like a million evolutions. Initially there was like five or six for each on the tamagotchis and that’s why they were called Child, Adult, etc. before the dub is like that’s boring how about Rookie and Champion and stuff. But then with the anime there were like a million connections because they needed such and such a digimon for this and surprise,

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I really do want to get back to a monstergame some day but idk, every so often I realise like, Digimon did 75% of the things I want to do great already, and largely faded into obscurity because the parts where it didn’t have its shit together were major dealbreakers

It had some of the raddest, most unique monster design I have ever seen to be honest. I mean you have gungungunmon but once you get past that kind of thing there were some amazing creatures there. Awesome creature designs that get ridiculously elaborate, involved evo lines,

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I didn’t have a Synthesis Mascot species ever, I just never made one yet
And I just realised
If you take apart “chimaera” it turns into Xima-Era

Era could maybe be the Incongruity half of the mascot while “Xima” could be the Synthesis half; instead of a separate monster and mascot there’s just one with two halves

The “chimaera” could be a common creature that takes traits from Xima-Era the same way flarefowl are a common echo of the Hfenix and hexarts and monoceros are nonmagic flaredrakeicorns. It could be, like,

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I just had a great idea for Stablehand/G.E.M.

It’s gonna be possible to scroll the page past the story anyway so below the story I could put a thing where the whole soundtrack is there and you can click whatever track you want / switch to the playlist for a different area if you like, since it will likely be divided into area playlists that play for broad areas so no area is stuck with just one endlessly looping theme

I could make it so you could move songs between playlists and like, whenever you move into a small area like an aether locale it puts its song into the “main song” slot but that slot plays as part of the “main” playlist, and if you’ve assigned it to a different playlist (“recycle bin” included) it acts as part of that playlist rather than the main one. Hmm, you should also be able to add playlists to playlists, at least in the main one, both to simplify broad area playlist transitions and just for organisation’s sake.

Honestly I don’t know why something like this hasn’t been done way sooner in video game soundtracks?? That’s always the way I like to listen to them, put them in my media player and play all the tracks on shuffle / make a playlist / choose the one I want. With Spyro I’d turn the music off in-game but listen to it on shuffle when playing other Spyro games because it was good music, it was just too short :p

Addendum I guess

Ok so, my article wasn’t really meant to be focusing on SU or any message about its gem people. But, a couple people got confused as to what I was really intending to say about them, and because they’re important to me, I thought I should clear that up.

When I talked about the Gems as fundamentally genderless and not technically gay blah blah they’re rocks blah blah why do we think about relationships in such binary terms, there was a finer nuance I was trying to get at with all that that I didn’t really explain.

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Today I had about three dreams that for some reason I remembered.


I had this very small white weasel (about 5″/13 cm in length) that absolutely couldn’t sit still and was curiously worming its way around my hands and everywhere. I put it in a drawer and shut the drawer so I could eat dinner without it going anywhere, which seemed to have worked. Later it seemed to be behaving a little better and I was taking it places.

I walked by some fast food hamburger place (the counter was open like it was in a mall or something,

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I just realised that the whole thing with Princess versus Grævonia I came up with half a month ago is literally

The dragon knights are fighting to save people from the princess

I love that.

I just love the idea Ariana’s dad (when he’s still there) is telling her a story like
‘Once there was a great princess’
‘Was she really smart?’
‘Well, probably. But she was also horrifying.’

If Clarity is all about serene blankness it’s probably a really good weapon against Incongruity; I see Incongruity as being all about detailed elaborate bullshit you’re supposed to accept instead of reality because there’s no sense to the world so it makes just as much sense, and just interrupting that with “BLANK!” would pretty well nip it in the bud

Perhaps QuackFaction!Ssiv could show up if somebody is having trouble with the Monster of Incongruity, Istent :p

I’m actually warming up to the idea of their Quack Faction schema literally being a “quacker” with a wide-brimmed hat

Wario Town

Ok so, this morning my brain apparently confused LazyTown with Wario.

I never watched that show, all I ever saw is like two or three screenshots of it scattered across tumblr. Apparently, from my brief glance at Wikipedia today, it was a pretty cool thing with actually crazy high production values for a silly kids’ edutainment thing.

But because I have crazy dreams, my brain just kinda decided Blue Pilot Homestar Runner was actually Blue Wario and his friend was Waluigi (literally Waluigi; also, Blue Wario notably had a bold Waluigi moustache).

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