WBJ2015: Races

Races. Ok. This is a good subject because I have half of it solidly nailed down in such a way I won’t pour over it for two days like the geography one, and half of it is kinda open but again I’m not gonna pour over it for two days like the geography one.


We all know what humans are.


Early in the project, humanoid hexarts were practically another race on par with humans. Now… they’re not as big. I think I’m going to keep them though because the weird sidenote they are now, ‘y’know, just those dragon people you see walking down the street sometimes’, really fits with retrolark style.

Regular-shaped hexarts are kinda worth mentioning too because they’re such crafty, troublesome animals. They’re great at things like opening doors and trash containers (they will eat practically anything that’s remotely edible though they prefer meat), and don’t really care what you think of them though most are far too lazy to fight you and would much rather run away.

Shikunbao have another specialish status. Like humanoid hexarts, they’re just intelligent animals, but they have a fairly complex understanding of things.

Other than that not a lot of nonhuman material beings measure up to humans.


Origins are the things made by Originators (the people who can bring stories to life), strongly associated with the Fantasy attribute. They have their own weird set of rules that isn’t quite the same as material being rules or aethereal rules; put another way, they aren’t really either one. I don’t really know what they are or are made of to be honest! Or even what makes a person an Originator or how it works. These guys need work.

The major ability Origins have is to, well, act as an origin for the construction of a story—basically the world around them becomes retroactively altered to allow their story to happen. Sometimes these changes can be rather big, as with Knight Cat’s backstory requiring an entire mountain range, but it’s a fairly hard rule that Origins only get the minimum amount of rule-bending necessary to carry out their story. Still, within that limit, they kind of go on fantasy/cartoon logic a little bit; they can kind of do whatever they need to do. If cats can’t talk and they need to communicate that way, by golly, they’ll talk. If lead can’t be turned into gold but their business relies on it, by gosh, that’s what they’ll somehow have a method of doing. If there was an Origin wizard? Well there goes Stablehand’s no ‘Maaaaagic with a capital M and lots of blind faith’ rule, if only for a second.

Ariana’s Origins all had finite main stories to start with, but generally Origins’ stories don’t really end. Origins are basically walking stories, and as long as they’re alive interesting things will happen to them. I don’t really know what their lifespan is like, whether it emulates the beings they appear to be or whether, say, they age and die as the world forgets about them.

I know one thing about where Origins come from: they sort of form based on desire. What you really want but know is only a distant romanticised notion even though it isn’t that unreasonable at heart.


I basically told all about them in the WSP with not much to add here. So, yeah. Eterea/aethereals/voidbeasts/MBs. They have a lot of names.


Ok one thing I should add though that’s new is that the formal Mascots, like Jinhuáng and Commander, have their own attitude—the Mascot attitude. Regular MBs can be Empowered, Chaotic, Liberated, or Separated/Stagnant (same thing), which are the normal attitudes. Generally, Chaotic and Separated are bad, Empowered and Liberated are good.

But then there’s another “league” of attitudes MBs can rise to when they’re more powerful. Risen is the powerful version of Empowered/Separated (the Directed ones), Nightmare is the powerful version of Chaotic/Liberated (the Undirected ones), and in the middle of them with characteristics of both is Mascot. Nightmare creatures are kinda what they sound like. Risen creatures are sorta like these watchful overseers of the universe except with their own agenda to follow.


Between regular MBs and Mascots there’s kind of a middle ground. Some creatures like Xera Flaredrakeicorn and Zyra Scurvopticoni [tentative name that’ll probably change] are more powerful and purpose-oriented than regular MBs but not with the kind of legendary power known far and wide Mascots have. Each has a “job title” of sorts and each kind of… I guess you could say has a cult following. There are people (aethereal organisation members I mean) that know about them and talk of them as lesser legends but not everybody knows about them.

This is kind of new territory I’m still wading in. Today I randomly decided to create a demi-mascot called Spiral who is the “patron of validity” (I was feeling invalid, ok), which made me realise oh not only are there already things like this but probably, this is the kind of thing the universe is just kinda full of since each one can find its own little niche and have substance but there’s room for an indefinite amount. Demi-mascots are kinda like the Adventure Time princesses of MBs.