This dream is brought to you by Jurassic World

Yeah, this was probably due to all the fan art on my tumblr dash.

I had a dream that there were several relatively small maniraptorans in the room, maybe about the size of a large chicken. They were, weirdly, designed the way you’d design a dinosaur that actually had feathers, but with a few patches of spiky scales in place of them. I think they had membranes in place of pennibrachia.

I swear they didn’t look this much like dragons.

These animals would normally just kind of curiously explore the room, but would react weirdly if you said the word “dinosaur”. They’d suddenly become oddly aggressive but also maybe like they were thinking about eating you. It was very unnerving.

If you petted them on the head that would calm them down temporarily; they seemed to like being petted. But I was a little afraid to stop, it seemed like they were going to get aggressive again though not as much as before.