Oh my god, what would be so cool is if there was this game where everything was a spoiler

Like, there’s this hero—let’s call him Leek—and he’s just trying to go through his story normally when a malicious “Lord Sensorius” interferes and starts preventing him from gaining access to like anything

He finds some kind of hint? Sensorius pops up and is like NO THAT’S A SPOILER
A cutscene starts? NO SPOILERS, LEEK!
Leek tries to talk to some critical NPC? LEEK, SHEESH, SPOILERS

He’s allowed to like walk around and explore the world but so many things you can typically do in an RPG or whatever his genre is (probably very similar to an RPG at least) are blocked off because Lord Sensorius and his various minions keep interfering, so instead, he has to figure out creative ways of doing things.

Sometimes he has to literally censor himself like you do when talking around spoilers, just kinda talking really really really vaguely with a ton of confusing blanks in his speech. Other times he figures out different ways of doing things than the typical RPG things Sensorius has blocked off that create new mechanics you wouldn’t have in other games (some of which Sensorius probably catches on to before long and starts cracking down on). For instance if there was a whole town that Sensorius blocked off because he thought seeing it would be spoilers Leek could find somebody who lived in the town but was currently out of town to go do things in the town for him. Probably after he’d done everything there Sensorius would find out and be like RRARGH now it’s not spoilers and I have to let him in I hate you Leek :p

Eventually the story would probably escalate into this ridiculous game of meta-narratives where there’s one story with one set of rules and one genre and then Leek rises out of it with all his lateral thinking, creating a new meta-story about what Leek’s doing that runs parallel to the way the game is usually supposed to work—like, the game starts out as an RPG with overhead perspective and Leek’s antics turn it into an RPG played with the presentation of a stealth shooter while everybody else in the world is still acting exactly as they would in RPG mode e.g. moving as if there were tiles, and there are under-the-radar cutscenes about Leek and his friends and strategies that aren’t censored—but then Sensorius finds out about Leek’s meta-narrative and starts blocking off spoilers for that and Leek has to turn the game into yet another perspective/genre using MORE new workarounds.

This could be a really fucking amazing game but it would take some amazing planning and design work to really take the premise to its full potential

One of the best things about the idea is I can’t even think of a logical explanation for what Sensorius’ aim would be in blocking Leek from seeing spoilers about his own quest, so the explanation would definitely be a hilarious and amazing labyrinth of bullshit

Probably something having to do with how the Creator envisions stories to be seen a certain way and therefore there is no other way to truly experience those stories to their full potential
Which in light of how the game would actually go would be ridiculously ironic because Sensorius himself would be messing up the normal story flow completely