Misc ideas

  • If Arkturuse is the boss of Affect and largely that means emotion, and Arca is the zetaligned “dark” version of that, she is probably about, like, mood and atmosphere
  • Probably Lance has special significance to Arca
  • What if the bosses were literally just sometimes their male form and sometimes their female form, at basically random (which is the way I started setting up the Markov bot to be without thinking). I dunno how the members would not NOTICE that though? and not be like oh Arkturuse is going to be Arca now everyone can relax, when I don’t imagine them… noticing in this scenario???

    I guess the logic is that because the Aether doesn’t technically have time, if you ever redo/swap your outward form completely suddenly it becomes retconned for everyone else even though you remember the old one, much like anything else you do if you’re not frequently interacting with others to unify your timeline. I guess I’m going with that. It would be funny if Arkturuse just casually said something about being Arca or vice versa and the members were like what? who?. :p

  • Ssivyin might find the Quacks a very attractive thing to join in one ending, given the lyrics of their theme

    If only I could step off this reality / And step out into the blankness of infinity

    and end up doing “evil” that way. So like say Lance finds out about them and just thinks they’re evil and bad because they support the Quacks, not understanding their perspective

    To them what they see is the Quacks are ending conflict and the mindlessness of factions and political parties and other partisan issues, by unifying everyone in blank blankness.

  • What if instead of the Quack Faction they were the Quackers and they had big ridiculous Quaker hats, and their blankness was an ascetic thing.
    (…I’m… probably not doing that.)
  • It would be funny if they talked about their ancestors the Quackers to justify their actions when there was no such thing though