As Grævonia kind of prides itself in being esteemed knights without peer, they went and fought Vvaghras. Actually they went and fought everybody. That’s what all their sagas are about.

But the countries are still there so… they probably lost. It would be funny if they then went back home and were like yeah ok so we lost but WE TRIED OUR BEST and everyone was like YEAH! We tried our best and that’s awesome. We are truly esteemed warriors of saga.

It would make sense in a weird way if Grævonia was trying so hard at Esteem and trying to be esteemed saga warriors but wasn’t really… good at it. What they’re really good at is Verity and seeing the world with a clear, unbiased eye, when they put forth the energy to do that. But Esteem is just so damn appealing they can’t take the Esteem blinders off.

The Quack Faction leverages this later rightly pointing out it was stupid for Grævonia to try to fight the whole world to prove its bravery, and using this to show that their Esteem days of knights and dragons were bad to the core in every way and a new era of purity and ducks would be better.