Yesterday I got a very interesting idea for the Fuchsia White universe

Previously what I had was that literally everything (everything) in the universe was made by hard work in kind of a weird satirical extension of this idea/myth of the American frontier where everyone’s a pioneer and everything was made by the ‘hard work of our forefathers’, and that everything was ‘elementalist’, with this system where there were a potentially infinite number of elements, each as deep as typical overused fantasy elements

Yesterday while trying to think of how Fuchsia White’s universe originally began I randomly imagined that the universe was actually made up of programming code, but like, somehow it wasn’t virtual, code was just the language of reality and there was no magic because anything that might be called magic was just code doing fancy things. The code, a language called descript, defined its own syntax and workings, and then on top of its interpreter, the universe.

I liked this idea because not only did it resonate with my geek senses but it also brought back in what was cool about “Locale” in my sort-of-discarded Sonic fan thing that more or less kicked off this project’s aesthetic: everything was made of programmatic procedures despite being “as real as reality”, and the admins of Locale could input special codes in its console to do admin things, like freeze/unfreeze individual creatures’ life processes, move things around, other basic admin stuff.

It really brings new excitement to this project for me to re-imagine the besthommen as hackers, and all the diversity of the world and different species among them being from innovatively messing around with the code of thingsā€”or perhaps, as in reality, bugs.

There could be all kinds of weird glitch races, especially if I brought back the repair mechanism from Sonic!Locale that would “rationalise” things created by glitches to make them just ordinary things with characteristics based on their glitch form. Individual creatures could have plugins/extensions to give them upgraded forms, some places that haven’t auto-fixed themselves are just kinda dangerous and weird… some besthommen could be techs that go fix them (seems like a job for Virid)

Retrolarkbot-style time travel through version control systems, perhaps the ability to mirror the entire world if something goes wrong
Ssh’ing into other realities with private keys?
Faster more streamlined binary forms of creatures (since descript is an interpreted scripting language) with an opaque mysterious appearance whose code can’t be tampered with unlike usual ones but as such are really susceptible to bugs and can’t be fixed. The only thing you can do is destroy them and recompile from source

I already had the portal thing where setting up a new part of the world is like setting up a website and expands the world but now it makes sense


Hmm the only thing is, if code was so central to the universe would they even call it code or programming? When I go back to Stablehand and magic I feel like much the same way that when what’s essentially magic is so central to Aluma they don’t think of it as magic but simply the everyday ability to “manipulate your circumstances” (circumstantial manipulation… cirque), maybe it would be the same way with the FW universe. Tell one of the anthros from FW that you program on machines specifically designed for programming and that’s a distinct thing that some people choose to do, and you’d get a weird look.