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I never bothered to finish [Pokémon] X so I’m just now seeing the story of Az (sp?) and I’m laughing oh my god

“Horrible people destroyed my beloved pet cat so I’mma build a terrifying superweapon to teach this fucking world a lesson”

Edit: I suddenly imagined it being Knight Cat’s brother [that was killed and resurrected] and him going up to his brother and being like “Brother!” and then I was like hold the fuck on I’m getting that from somewhere. Where am I getting it from. Goddammit.

And then I realised I was accidentally referencing OFF.

"All I know is: now I’m an Animorph"


So… I had a dream where I was this red-orange birdperson.

I don’t remember it very well but when I was looking at myself from a first-person point of view, I was human, but in a third-person point of view, I was bird.

I was, for whatever reason, at the top floor of this building in a room where there were like… hot tubs kind of? They were these heated maybe hip-deep pools of water with lights in the bottom so they glowed red. It was sort of cool, though also very weird and making me wonder why you would want that effect.

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How would aliens/future civilisations ever figure out character encodings though if it happened all they found was raw data and no programs or anything to decode it like we can just open up a text editor and it figures that shit out in an instant

How would they know humans didn’t communicate in huge confusing strings of hexadecimal or binary, or even, like, literal numbers since binary representations of things are really just a number system repurposed to say groups of letters

‘Apparently a common human greeting was “310939249775”‘

Misc ideas

  • If Arkturuse is the boss of Affect and largely that means emotion, and Arca is the zetaligned “dark” version of that, she is probably about, like, mood and atmosphere
  • Probably Lance has special significance to Arca
  • What if the bosses were literally just sometimes their male form and sometimes their female form, at basically random (which is the way I started setting up the Markov bot to be without thinking). I dunno how the members would not NOTICE that though? and not be like oh Arkturuse is going to be Arca now everyone can relax,

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Brainstorming doc nearly moved to TiddlyWiki doc.

Started the move on June 11… sifting and moving the cleverbad entry sections was honestly a little painful.
Next to move the aether locale notes into a twine story + tw page, and the move will be done.

After that? Might migrate the zukan entries, fix gitweb, or fix a number of styling issues. Also got an about me page to write.

This dream is brought to you by Jurassic World

Yeah, this was probably due to all the fan art on my tumblr dash.

I had a dream that there were several relatively small maniraptorans in the room, maybe about the size of a large chicken. They were, weirdly, designed the way you’d design a dinosaur that actually had feathers, but with a few patches of spiky scales in place of them. I think they had membranes in place of pennibrachia.

I swear they didn’t look this much like dragons.

These animals would normally just kind of curiously explore the room, but would react weirdly if you said the word “dinosaur”. They’d suddenly become oddly aggressive but also maybe like they were thinking about eating you. It was very unnerving.

If you petted them on the head that would calm them down temporarily; they seemed to like being petted. But I was a little afraid to stop, it seemed like they were going to get aggressive again though not as much as before.

Guh. Part of me is almost thinking right now that Stablehand would be way more fun if instead of a semi-webcomic-styled gamebook where there are already main characters, it was a procedural open world sandbox game on like a sprited map (isometric maybe) and you controlled a character of your own you actually made with the character generator either randomly generated or purposefully

Because like, then all the seemingly not-immediately-relevant worldbuilding stuff could be immediately used. Your character could BE any of the huge fountain of weird off the wall archetypes I keep making, literally any of them.

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