This project is backburnered so it may be a while before I get to it, but here’s the basic idea. A manga or very similar-format story about truth and perspective, where a group of “objectives” fights against an organisation of nonsensical arts that’s warping the world. In its basic ideas it could be called loosely Objectivist, in the sense of “undermining the natural order of objectivity-based laws allowing systems to self-govern, or trying to persuade individuals that existing for their own sake and by their own standards is not good enough and it is not a rational action just to want to fight entropy etc. and survive, is bad”. Part of the original idea was to have a little bit of an Indian aesthetic but other than using the sitar in related music I make I’m not sure if I’ll keep that.

Fuller thoughtdump-explanation available here, though that post reveals some major twists in an outliney way. Don’t look if you hate spoilers.

Tag: Tyrian

[Last edit 17/08/2018]