Ok so, Ssiv’s parent, Severance, has the full name Vair Severance. In Aeterna you start with the name of both of your parents (ex. Ssiv is Vair-Blot Ssivyin) and it’s relatively customary to choose just one of them at some point as you grow up. I decided a while back when trying to think what Sev and Serval’s initial names might have been, maybe before being Vair Severance they were previously Perc Severance because there was already a Perca clan and how often do you get the opportunity to make somebody’s name sound like perseverance. People make mistakes, they could easily have decided to go from Vair-Perc Severance to Perc Severance and then decided nope I don’t like that.

Only yesterday did I realise how painfully appropriate that actually was
You see Severance’s thing is that they kinda have a tendency to just abandon stuff after a while. They were part of the Fort, then they decided to leave and took Serval with them on his request; they set up Team Steamspot, then they left that to settle down in Aeterna; after the conflict with Serval they left the relationship to found The Variegated.

So for them to have had a name that sounds like perseverance and then abandoned it is just… god