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Welcome to the light future of darkness, not the dark future of darkness, where a medium brown fate awaits you. Everything is a cool mid-dark, not too dark, perfectly mid-roasted. You may have heard of our patron mascots the silver dragon of right-leaning darkness and the gold chimaera of left-leaning darkness, respectively trained in the white dark arts of summer which are not in fact good or healing but merely warm, and the black dark arts of spring which are not in fact evil or damaging but merely cool. They are mostly harmless, if you stay on the side of convexity. Enjoy the gentle rain and somewhat dark clouds, and be careful when straying into the deceptively placid meadows. The shaded forests should be relatively safe, as long as you stay out of the clearings.

I’m honestly cracking up at the idea of retrolark working exactly like steampunk and the world being perpetually in different shades of the 80s/90s through hundreds and hundreds of years of history

  • Instead of getting out the old scrolls and tomes people are unearthing all sorts of different kinds of old clunky gimmick tape/floppy/etc. formats that were all the rage for 10 years but then just got abandoned, each one requiring its own peculiar player
  • Every so often there’s at least one subculture movement to start a “new age” with its own distinctive newagey ideas that are really not that new,

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Ok this is kind of amazing

After I had two dreams about being roped back into my high school band, today I had another one where I was back in my high school band, same conceits as always… but instead of negative it was positive. Clarinet, now far from my favourite instrument. No, I hadn’t practised. No, I didn’t know the music. Oh, and as an additional conceit we actually had an audience to perform in front of this time. But, this time the dream actually allowed me to improvise an accompaniment and after a brief rocky start I did really well.

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I had yet another dream with the same friend (nintenerd64) in it.

The “story” of it didn’t make much sense—everything felt like it was a set-up game but it was supposedly real life? A huge group we were with (age… 17~20?) were supposed to stop this “bear group”, like a gangish thing, in a supermarket. The “bear group” were basically dressed like stereotypical “bad guys”, with no real visible distinctive anything connected to their name.

As we’re face to face with one blocking our path, my friend without saying anything abruptly hands me a large well-stuffed teddy bear and I’m confused but I hold it up toward the “bear group”

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The grand html5 test post of testiness

When we’re making a test post first we’ve gotta start with the essentials. Y’know. There’s bold, italic, or in other scenarios, strong and em. Also strikethrough but who bothers with that, like really


Sometimes posts have ordered lists in them. It’s a fact of life we’ve all gotta face.

  1. Sometimes lists contain one item
  2. Or two
  3. Or three
  4. Or even more than that

And sometimes they have unordered lists. The disorder of the universe only increases;

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Ok I’m beginning to get a coherent picture of what Era is going to be in-story and it’s actually pretty hilarious

In each different character story I’d had this idea that Era would appear as a somewhat remotely-located sidequest you could find if you looked around a little bit and he’d just be hanging out in some weird, bizarre form kind of mostly blending in with the aesthetic of the character and their homeland/story but in another way still looking pretty damn weird

And the thing is, Era understands on a basic level what the character is about and wants,

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Nassak’s surname is tentatively Marrekez (“of the centre”) now. I thought since his name was based on directional boundaries of constellations it might make sense if his surname was some direction, but Hadjeza seemed like he’d be West and Haikma would be East (because it makes sense that the wiser of the two would be associated with the sun :p) and Nassak kinda stands in the middle of them. Also it seemed like Hadjeza would not want Nassak to have the same name as him to make it less glaringly obvious he abandoned his son and something was up.

I need to figure out the dialect in Mazzul better, I can’t decide what the article for Marrekez should be. Al comes to mind but I’m not claiming the language is like Arabic, despite all the names being derived from it. It’s more like Arabic names are familiar to them the way Hebrew names are familiar to Anglophones.

Edit: it’s sa Marrekez now. “Nassak sa Marrekez” just kind of popped into my head, with no basis in anything, and I decided eh okay I guess I’ll go with that.


Hoo boy. This is the big one. It takes so much explaining to explain properly I have a whole other tag just for that.

But in a real nutshell (seriously, please look at that tag) Stablehand is a visual gamebook and libre universe (the Sixteen Hues universe). It has a “retrolark” aesthetic I made up (retrolark:1980-1990::steampunk:1800-1900) and a system of mechanics revolving around “cirque” (transformative magic kinda) and “attributes”. It also features a lot of cladistics-based (and otherwise) fantasy creatures.

See also: the about page!

Work in progress. Will be published under /rfs/ (that link contains a wip of the guidebook right now) when in some kind of presentable state.

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The Kai Project

This has literally gone through about ten different permutations and is not really showing any signs of stopping. I kinda can’t decide what I want to do with it. :p

However the general idea is this: make a “Takumi monstergame”, like any number of existing “mon” games but with its own distinctive style and conceits, and perhaps gameplay/mechanics very unlike most existing such games. Make sure it has cool distinctive creatures. And make it libre.

I’ve kinda lost active enthusiasm for this for the moment in favour of Stablehand and such but considering how much of my identity has been about this kind of thing I would definitely not call it dropped. Maybe backburnered a smidge behind Tyrian, which is definitely not dropped.

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Song of the Refugees

An AMV short story loosely based on Adventure Time, about a group of strange-new-life-form “refugees” trying to make sense of their world in the wake of a mass extinction.

I didn’t finish the song lyrics yet which is kind of a roadblock. :p