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21. Your most artistic OC

Ariana is supposed to be the most creative, but she’s actually terrible at art and writing and generally pretty much any form of articulating things. She’s really lucky she has the ability for her characters to just come alive, because otherwise nobody would know how incredibly creative she was.

Kate is pretty good at art but very specialised at like, a lot like the kind of style and subject matter you find in naturalist engraving plates, and the sort that doesn’t really create a lot of pieces but the few things she does create are amazing. (This character makes me nervous in a way because she’s supposed to be better than me at the one thing she does and it’s like eesh I’m gonna need serious practice to be able to do her theme frames where for a moment her story is portrayed in her favourite engraving-plate style)

If music counts maybe the Techs are top artists, they do some pretty amazing stuff with their techno-transcending instruments.

A lot of my characters are “artistic” but all in completely different ways and it’s so hard to compare.

28. Your most dangerous OC?

Well in terms of raw power Era is by far the absolute most dangerous, like, technically, he’s ridiculously overpowered. But in a practical sense he doesn’t tend to be dangerous. The “worldspoiler primerexplains this a lot better though you may have to read a bunch of it to really understand.

In practice… hmm. I set aside the nickname “Mr. Dangerous” for some Lance storyline but most of his ‘dangerousness’ is either, like, nominal or mood-setting. He has the ability to be like “portentous” and appear dangerous but he’s no Era.

Nassak is pretty dangerous. It’s funny because he’s trying to look for a hidden threat but… it’s him. (More explanation)