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Above: pictures I couldn’t add to the archive because the server was apparently full, lol

Top is Ssiassi, Ssivyin’s burden. Bottom is a by now rather old hexart drawing done at the same time as the leijonœrn I posted that one time with the other failed leijonœrns but am too lazy to link.

Sorry everything’s such a mess right now, it’s gonna be much more in order when my Sandstorm goes up and the new blog and archive go out.

I had a crazy new idea for Era

The original idea for him was that he’d be called Era to imply that in a Missingno-type fashion he was made of data that wasn’t supposed to be a creature or something; I wasn’t thinking too seriously about what that meant though

Now I thought about it seriously and thought, maybe all the eras that are missing from Aluma history, that people just forgot (kind of a recurring thing in all the stuff I had), are gone because they literally became part of Era. All his schemas are different eras he just sort of assimilated somehow.

What gave me the idea is that a couple of these forgotten eras were the time of the “Spanish lion kingdom” of Leona and the time when lions existed and weren’t just extinct. I realised P. leo sounded like “Paleo”, so one of Era’s schemas I’d previously been calling Palezo (like Paleozoic) and thought might look cat-like even though there were no cats in the Paleozoic, could just be “P▒leo” and be made of those two things.

Tyrian "WSP"

A very short “worldspoiler primer” for Tyrian in the spirit of the Stablehand one. It’s much less polished and more like a thoughtdump, but it gets all the important stuff and new ideas I had lately in. See also my Tyrian page at the top.

Again, the whole “if you don’t want ANY spoilers this is not for you” thing. You’ve been warned. :p


Life hack

I don’t remember much of it, but there were these creatures rather like the Subetapets I’d been writing about the day before, or the somewhat anthropomorphic creatures I’d been trying to design for “Locale-style”. However they had one very notable difference: they were incredibly small.

They varied from the size of a fruit fly to the size of a weevil, I think? But they weren’t constructed like insects. They were exactly as they’d be if they were “normal” size, just very small.

I had one following me around that looked somewhat like the original design for the white Varanius from Revecroir, but wasn’t a robot. She had a brass wind-up key, and apparently could open doors. When I went up to the door, she travelled to about the middle of the bottom of it and somehow pulled out this key and turned it around in the door, somehow retconning a tiny keyhole made just for her into it in the process. Then the door opened. I think instead of opening normally the edge of the door turned into a second door frame and door, a little like those doors that are made multiple sizes in one for kids.

Somebody’s voice echoed in my mind, reminding me of the useful tip that “you should always use your familiar to open doors”.

Old Subetapet profiles

Ah, Subeta. I loved that site.

…Well, ok, to be more specific, I loved the pets and the universe and the story and also generally thought the “app” part of the site was pretty good in spite of all the hiccups you get when you have a small dev team. The “community” part I was never really a part of, and didn’t have that great of experiences with.

But I still love to what extent they took the “talking animal pet site” idea most well known at Neopets and actually made it interesting and compelling and cool.

Full entry

Yeah ever since I saw this post about a year ago I’ve been re-imagining Qamar

In the old version of Tyrian, Qamar was a male who was just a little bit quiet and weird.

In the new version, Qamar is female. However, she’s somewhat gender-nonconforming and tends to wear obscuring clothing to do kind of a Sheik-type thing. It’s not as if she wants to be perceived as male or even androgynous necessarily, and more like she likes to put on different personas without thinking about what “gender” they are first, and just kind of bask in the “gender” of each, whatever it is. She likes to be more disguised when around those she doesn’t trust closely but around Tyrian’s group will be more “herself”, often but not always a bit more feminine than the disguises.