New idea.

Each character’s “Aether map”, the map of places they can visit in the Aether, mirrors all the different possibilities for that character’s story in a very subtle way: each one is kinda foreshadowing a different thing that could happen in some timeline, that is. Pretty vaguely but at the same time each of these places is distinctive in a way that’s very suggestive it should mean something.

Each character has the stock places to pick from, but also those, and it’s usually semi-evident when you get a very character-specific place. You go “oh whoa this is really different and unusual, I wonder what the hell it means”.

Also a few places for some characters literally are the different paths in their stories instead of you having to find the paths elsewhere. Ssiv for example has a place that’s literally their mind in Aether-locale form, where they can talk to Ssiassi. (It’s probably a really mutable place that changes gender presentation a lot :p) They’re probably the only one with a copy of their mind in the Aether specifically though. I guess the spectrum hexart places fit in this category too though they’re stock places.